236 – A Cell, a Human Being, the Earth, the Galaxy …

At first look, it may be difficult to see a relationship between a cell, us, the Earth, the Milky Way, other than we are all in the same Universe. We obviously have different structural organizations, exist in different magnitudes, adapt according to the different environments in which we exist.

But without disregarding our differences, we are in fact more closely related than we think we are. Cells, human beings, the Earth, the Milky Way, everything in Nature, come into existence imprinted with the same set of properties – a universal blueprint – that links us together by mapping the steps we all must follow in order to survive.

We all come into existence by becoming 1 – a component of a larger system that not only regulates us, but that we can transform, and 2 – a congregation of smaller systems that we not only regulate but that can transform us.

We all develop a preordained yet supple form of existence through a constant counterbalance between the energy we consume and the energy we exert to adapt and survive.

We are all created with the innate power to self-organize, self-generate, self-regulate, self-direct, self-perpetuate, while transforming ourselves and our world.

But of all these universal properties, it is the power for transformation which is the harbinger inducing Life to know itself.

Can we ever acknowledge this about us – that although imprinted with the same universal properties as everything in Nature, we are one of those beautiful creatures in which those properties have begun to induce Life to wonder about the wonder of itself?

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