237 – Guidelines for the Education of Every Child on Earth …

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” Maya Angelou

When parents regret the outcome of hurtful personality traits in a child who has been under their guidance, the natural excuse is “We did our best,” “We didn’t have a manual.”

It is true. Most parents try their best, but in our cultures, they do not have guidelines for the critical job of raising a child, especially in the early years when children are more vulnerable, impressionable, and dependent on the guidance of adults.

And even though we have some guidelines that have been passed on from generation to generation (Tolerance, Honesty, Compassion, the understanding of the difference between Right and Wrong), there are critical guidelines that are not even considered.

Even though the “Golden Rule” (Treat others as you would like others to treat you) is the foundation at the core of most societies, we have nothing like a universal set of guidelines for how to inculcate it in our young. The lack of something like this is at the roots of our chaotic, selfish, aggressive, greedy, intolerant, and destructive paradigm under which we base our educational systems.

There is a desperate need for a universal dictum encompassing ancient and new guidelines, like the ones below, based on simple principles we all know will lead to better societies:

  • From early in their upbringing, teach children that Life is the primal source from which we are engendered and into which we return.
  • Teach children the value of organized religions to bring people together to help others, but that because their core beliefs are dogmatic, they inhibit freedom of thought and especially critical thinking. Therefore, give children the freedom whether to follow a religious belief.
  • Teach them that we are a part of Nature, and as such, totally dependent for sustenance on the environments we inhabit, but also that, like no other creature we know of, we are consciously aware of possessing a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world.
  •  Challenge them to create a vision not only of what they would like to do with their lives, but most importantly, of how that vision would affect our world.
  • Introduce them to the history of individuals like Aristotle, Mandela, Einstein, Darwin, whose impact on the world transformed not only the way we behave but also the way we understand ourselves,
  • Teach children that Life is the most beautiful phenomenon in Nature, and that because we are conscious that it is, we are one of its most beautiful manifestations.
  • Teach them that they have the power to make the world as happy and kind as they want it to be, and then set them free.

I believe that with guidelines like the ones above, children can grow not only greatly aware of the significance of their presence in the world but most importantly, better prepared to face the world their ancestors have created and transform it with gentleness and care.

Revised March 2022

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