238 – As Everything in Nature, We are Dissipative Structures …

There is nothing that proves our interrelatedness with everything in Nature than a proven scientific theory, and Ilya Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures does that for me.

Dissipative Structures are systems that interact openly with environments and are powered by a continuous consumption and release of energy sources (dissipation). This continuous dissipation renders the system vulnerable to environmental fluctuations (i.e. changes in energy sources), which may force the system to restructure oftentimes into greater levels of complexity. But greater complexity demands greater consumption of energy sources, which then makes the system more vulnerable to internal and external fluctuations. Amazingly enough, this increased vulnerability is a source for the constant transformation of Nature.

Like everything in Nature – molecules, cells, planets, galaxies – we are dissipative structures; we power our selves, our self-generation, our adaptation, by consuming and releasing energy sources (dissipation).

From the moment we are conceived, we ignite the primal dissipation process, consuming energy sources (foods, air), and releasing them as motion, action, force. And even though the process makes us totally dependent for our sustenance on the environment, that we do it on our own, on our own power, is an amazing accomplishment. But that we turn this dependency, this vulnerability, into growing more resilient, more adaptable, more ingenious, more insightful, more self-reflective, more open to possibilities, is truly amazing.

This primal dissipation process is one of the foundations of the evolution of Nature. It is embodied in everything – molecules, cells, human beings, planets, galaxies – and it is how, even if we are dependent on environmental laws, everything we do is a possibility not only for our transformation but for the transformation of our world. We are catalysts for Transformation.

The theory of Dissipative Structures proves how profoundly interrelated everything in Nature is – we survive and develop through the same process as everything in Nature – and accepting this fact will catapult us into a more rational understanding of ourselves and our relationship with Nature.

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