240 – As Everything in Nature, We are Autopoietic Systems …

There is nothing that empirically proves how interrelated we are with everything in Nature than a verified scientific theory, and Humberto Maturana and Francisco Valera’s Autopoiesis does that for me.

The word Autopoiesis comes from the Greek ‘auto’ meaning ‘self’, and ‘poiesis’ meaning ‘creation: Self-creation.

Autopoiesis is a property of naturally evolving systems – molecules, cells, planets, galaxies – that allows them to recreate themselves by generating their own components and by conserving their own boundaries    while developing into the fundamental configuration of the species to which they belong.

Like any other evolving system in Nature – like a cell, like a galaxy, like our own Earth – human beings are autopoietic systems. We recreate ourselves by generating our own components and by conserving the skin that enfolds us and exchanges information with environments so we can adapt with a degree of flexibility, while at the same time developing into the fundamental configuration shared by everyone in our species.

The theory of Autopoietic Systems proves how the universal power of self-creation profoundly interrelates us with everything in Nature. And I believe we will be more rational and tender in our relationship with Nature when we understand this about us.

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