246 – What has happened to Us? … 

Isn’t it terrible to see what we do to each other?

How we train the disadvantaged, the poor, to kill for our benefit,

how we send millions of us into poverty, humiliation, agony, despair,

without a place to live,

without a meal to eat,

without a bed to rest,

as we bask in disregard and luxury.


Isn’t it terrible to see what we do to the poor children of the world?

How we steal their future by robbing them of an education,

how we close our eyes to avoid seeing their plight,

their hunger,

their deaths,

so we can enjoy our comforts – oftentimes in obscene excess – without guilt.


Isn’t it terrible to see what we do to animals?

How we destroy their environments,

their livelihoods,

their homes,

how we submit them to slow, painful, horrific deaths,

without caring nor feeling a thing for their suffering.


Isn’t it terrible to see what we do to Nature?

How we think of her as a ‘slave’ so we can ravage her beauty,

her nurturing,

her balance,

without seeing that it is ourselves we ravage.

Where has our compassion gone? Our intelligence? Where is all the knowledge?

It was heartbreaking to read that our dominant economic ideology is based on the premise that “the share of national wealth distributed as wages must be kept as low as possible to prevent the cost of labor from reducing national wealth.”[1] Have we become so irrational, so utterly selfish, so compassionless that we believe this inhumanity to be the best way to create a better world!!!?

What has happened to us?


[1] Excerpt from “What Kind of Country Do We Want? by Marilynne Robinson. New York Review. June 11, 2020

Revised March 2022   

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