247 – As Everything in Nature, We are Evolving Systems …

There is nothing that empirically proves how profoundly interrelated we are with everything in Nature than a verified scientific theory, and Charles Darwin’s Evolution does that for me.

The word evolution comes from the Latin evolutio, meaning “to unroll like a scroll”.

What we perceive as the progressive movement of Evolution is the universal will to live converging in us and all around us. Evolution is the engine of change, and change incites choice, and choice demands reflection.

Evolution is the universal process through which evolving systems unfold toward higher levels of complexity and order. This process can be directed from within (instinct, self-determination) or from without (pre-determination, environmental fluctuations). The fundamental model of the process is based on self-generation, self-organization, self-regulation, and bonding; and its dynamic for self-perpetuation is based on a degree of freedom in adaptation. Evolution is a living, transformative process that can be violent, greedy, destructive, cruel, chaotic, ugly, yet also tender, nurturing, organized, thoughtful, creative, beautiful. Evolution creates to destroy and destroys to create.

As the unit of Evolution, evolving systems are vulnerable to the fluctuations and demands of their internal and external environments, but this vulnerability is decreased by bonding with larger, more established systems. But to belong, to adapt, to fit in, to accept the instituted generational characteristics and values of other systems, demands self-reflection. And to reach a degree of self-reflection where the system knows that it not only belongs to a manipulative system but that the system itself can be manipulated. This, I believe, is the fundamental aim of Evolution.

Whether it is an atom, a human being, a species, a galaxy, the above mentioned evolutionary properties apply equally to all evolving systems in Nature.  We all come into existence with the fundamental purpose to perpetuate a universal evolutionary process that inherently tends to unfold toward complexity and order. Transmitted from generation to generation, this process is based on creation, organization, regulation, bonding, and transformation with a degree of freedom in adaptation, a degree if freedom to make choices. And whether our choices are instinctive or self-determined, this degree of freedom to choose, to decide, rends us all vulnerable to the fluctuations of our internal and external environments, yet it makes us stronger by belonging, by adapting, by accepting, and by doing so, we heighten not only our chances for our survival but the survival of the universal process with which we unfold.

The theory of Evolution proves how profoundly interrelated everything in Nature is. And I believe that we will be more rational and understanding in our relationship with each other and with Nature when we accept this about us.

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