250 – As Everything in Nature, We are Dynamic Organizations of Interconnected Components …

There is nothing that empirically proves how profoundly interconnected we are with everything in Nature more than a verified scientific theory, and John Stewart Bell’s Theorem does that for me.

Bell’s Theorem shows us that in Nature, “there are interactions between events that are too far apart in space and too close together in time for the events to be connected even by signals moving at the speed of light.” [1] Contrary to our dominant scientific understanding of reality, the Theorem shows us that there are interactions faster than the speed of light. This explains how, for instance, Hydrogen, the most abundant element in our Universe, can have every single one of its fundamental units, the Hydrogen atom, equally configured with one electron and a proton from one end of the Universe to the other. Or how, when we are injured, the mind can communicate instantaneously back and forth with the area of the injury, assessing the extent of the damage, and responding accordingly.

What Bell proved with his Theorem is that there is a world in which the dogmatic prohibitions we impose on Nature, like stating that ‘nothing’ can be faster than the speed of light, only exist in the equations of scientists to be overridden when they are proved wrong.

Evolving systems – like atoms, cells, you and I, planetary systems, galaxies, the Universe itself – are systems in which every component, without regard to distance or level of complexity, is instantly connected with every other component in the system and with the system as a whole. Evolving systems cannot function nor survive amid changing environments without this thorough and immediate interconnectedness. Like an atom, or a cell, or a planetary system, you and I cannot be what we are without every part in our bodies being instantly connected with every other part and with we, the operator, so we can go where we must go, do what we must do, be what we must be.

Bell’s Theorem proves how profoundly interconnected we are with everything in Nature. And I believe that once we accept this truth about ourselves, we will be more rational and understanding in our relationship with each other and with the world that gives us life.

[1] Excerpted from Sheldon Goldstein et al. “Bell’s Theorem” on scholarpedia.org.

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