252 – As Everything in Nature, We are Reiterations of a Universal Blueprint …

There is nothing that empirically proves how profoundly interconnected we are with everything in Nature than a verified scientific theory, and the Mandelbrot Set does that for me.

The Mandelbrot Set is a set of complex numbers named in tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, the mathematician who coined the word ‘fractals’ to describe the phenomenon of self-similarity in Nature: the reiteration of shapes that appear in ascending and descending scales when natural phenomena – like frost crystals, mountain ranges, interstellar clouds, blood vessels, waves, ferns, clouds, lightning bolts, cauliflowers – are fragmented into smaller or separate parts, not identical, but similar.

Mandelbrot solidified the study of this fragmentation with the striking visualizations of computer-generated programs, like the one shown in the link below, in which a recurring shape keeps reappearing at increasing magnifications.


The Mandelbrot Set is a beautiful insight into the recurrence of self-similarity in Nature. But what is even more beautiful about this recurrence is that it applies not only to the physical phenomena but, most importantly, to the fundamental properties that give them existence. This set of properties, this universal blueprint for the development of evolving phenomena (self-generation, self-organization, bonding, self-regulation, adaptation, self-perpetuation, transformation) is reiterated at ascending and descending scales, thus rendering each part a reiteration of the whole and the whole a reiteration of its parts.

But whether the fragmentation is of interstellar clouds, blood vessels, cauliflowers, human beings, it cannot be reiterated without a reciprocal form of communication between the whole and its parts and vice versa. A form of communication akin to the way the properties of the universal blueprint are reiterated in every part, so the whole is a mirror of each part and each part a mirror of the whole; or the way we reiterate what we are to every cell in our bodies, so we are every cell and every cell is us; or the way we re-create our ancestry into smaller, separate parts, not identical, but related, in the reciprocal act of reproduction.

The Mandelbrot Set proves how profoundly interconnected everything in Nature is. And I believe that once we accept this truth about our reality, we will be more rational and understanding in our relationship with the world that gives us the right to exist.

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