258 – I cannot Stop Wondering Why …

I cannot stop wondering why, with all the technological advances we have made, with all the scientific knowledge we have accumulated, with all the wisdom great minds have taught us, we still insist on perpetuating a paradigm in which we perceive Nature as something alien and separate from us. This is the reason why, because we cannot see the wind softly blowing around us nor understand it as a form of Life that gives us life, we poison it.

For the sake of a simple analogy, let me compare us to some stubborn little fish that, because he cannot perceive water as the medium that gives him life, thinks he has a separate existence from it. But fish him out of the water, and he is dead in minutes. We are not much different. Supporting destructive ideologies like ‘limitless consumerism’ and ‘unlimited growth’, we tenaciously cling to the belief that we can ravage the environment that gives us life because we think we can exist without Nature.

It is easy yet disturbing to see why this old paradigm has taken such a stronghold on us. Amid all the destruction they bring upon our world, we have not gotten over the fallacy of Descartes’ separation of mind and body, nor those religious beliefs that enslave us under fear and ignorance with empty and deceitful promises, nor those political and economic ideologies that brainwash us into promoting the devastation of the same environment that sustains us and gives us life.

The truth the promoters of these fallacies are afraid to acknowledge is that Nature – atoms, the Universe, us – is a unity. But in the urge to perpetuate their dominance over us, our institutions of learning and governance are unable to accept this unity and the fundamental part we play in it. It is thus that, to our detriment, they either ignore it or deny it.

I cannot say it enough: Our current beliefs are based on destructive fallacies. And under the dominance of institutions bent on promoting them for their selfish benefit, it is about impossible for us to comprehend the beauty and significance of being human in a deeply interconnected Universe. And yet, this is what we are.

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