262 – We are a Universe …

The beautiful thing about our current knowledge of our Universe is that science has opened windows to the human intellect that were closed for centuries under the dogmatism of organized religion. Those open windows let us now peer at the beauty and complexity of our Universe, and, most importantly, at the similarities it shares with us. For instance

how, like our Universe, we emerge into existence with the innate urge to self-organize and adapt;

how, like our Universe, we are determined by natural laws that regulate our development while endowing us with a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world;

how, like our Universe, we are made whole by the concerted intent of our every component to bond, to regenerate, to survive.

To be whole … to be One … like our Universe, we are a reflection of our every component, and every component is a reflection of what we are.

We are a Universe.

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