265 – The Unknown …

In my youth, forced to believe what I intuitively knew to be fallacies fabricated to control the human mind, I rebelled. Instead, I embarked on a search for the Unknown for whom I have no name but from whom I emerged with the invincible imagination that, although laced with ignorance, urges me to find the Truth.

The Unknown from whom we emerge is not omnipotent or all-powerful as many of us claim, but the sentient, self-evident, knowable, living organism we inhabit and inhabits us; an organism who, like us, struggles to adapt and survive amid the demands of challenging environments; an organism who, like us, inherits supple laws to construct a supple future; an organism who, like us, is driven by instincts and needs yet invested with choice and purpose.

We, the Unknown and us, are both destroyers and creators. We are both ugly and beautiful. We are both limited and free.

The knowledge gathered from our crude existence is the result of what we experience through our organic senses, yet it is also the knowledge that lays the ground for the exploration of an Unknown that, although remaining beyond our comprehension, allows us to muse about it because we are in it, and it is in us.

Since I am he, who I am seeking?

Why should I seek? I am the same as he. His essence speaks through me.

I have been looking for myself.” Rumi

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One Response to “265 – The Unknown …”

  1. Kirk says:

    Hello again Mundo
    This week’s note on self realization and the widespread controlled society “story about truth” involves part our our thinking being. We all search a bit yet you have gone beyond the usual. Part of my life work now is to listen to those questioning why are we so lied to and leans on by others? I smile and continue to encourage and compliment fellow travelers now in what they do to support others. Way too many people cannot accept that we can happily live on very little, of not just acquiring things and misusing the planet. Well perhaps I really think that it is only pure selfishness that an 2 people should have more than 2 children. We seen to forget to find enjoyment in each day. And yes we just accept the standard controls pushed on us by self righteous leaders. I will smile and calmly move along understanding life in many ways— You continue too in your chosen way and that is admired. Enjoy the spring flowers and observe our fellow travelers toil. I know you are free of some society chains — perhaps you know of some that you still find holding your coat tails.

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