269 – Freedom of Choice …

Freedom of choice describes an individual’s opportunity and autonomy to perform an action selected from at least two available options, unconstrained by external parties. Wikipedia [highlight mine].

Because our choices are constrained by external parties, most human beings do not have freedom of choice. Our decisions, our actions, our choices, our dreams are dominated by the ideologies and beliefs of others. Just think how much our perception of ourselves and our world is manipulated by Organized Religions, Politics, Economics, the Media, and, especially, by the takeover of Education of a corporate mentality.

What we call ‘Freedom of Choice’ is fragile as a chimera.

Freedom of choice, to me, is having the capacity to explore what it means to be Human amid the vastness of the world we inhabit and the microscopic world from which we are made, and to love who we want to love and love what we want to do, constrained only by the search for Truth and Happiness and the knowledge that, even if our Freedom of Choice is fragile as a chimera, we can still change the world.

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