270 – Imagination is our Sixth Sense

Our perception of reality is constructed in our brains with the input of our senses, and it is put together through a process in which neurons – our information cells – working together with regular cells, create a mind free to unleash the world of the imagination yet constricted by the landscape of reality.

Encased inside our skull, the only contact our brains have with the outside world is through a set of organic senses that, like Touch or Taste let us experience our immediate world, or Vision which let us see the world around us and the faraway worlds of the stars, or Imagination which let us create images of the worlds we can touch, taste, see, and the worlds we cannot.

Like Touch or Vision or Taste, the sense of Imagination is organic; it affects our choices and even hurts us and makes us smile. Like Touch or Vision or Taste, Imagination is the result of the neuronal activity in our bodies, and the input we receive from the environment, and the life-history of the beholder.

But unlike Touch or Vision or Taste, Imagination is boundless. Our sense of vision, for instance, out of myriad stars in the Universe only lets us see our closest neighbors. While Imagination, boundless but for the walls we build to constrain it, let us imagine the entire Universe.

Imagination is our sixth sense. Set it free.

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