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Update on my ongoing quest to find answers to a set of questions I believe are the most profound challenge posed to the human mind. The questions are the title of the above painting by Paul Gauguin.

Where do we come from?

We emerge out of a primordial, self-generating, self-regulating, self-transcending Source; a phenomenon whose onward movement we call Evolution. But Evolution is just the progression through which the primordial Source unfolds into higher orders of complexity and order. And since the unfolding of the Source is measurable, its creativity discernible, its self-generation evident, its power immensurable and colossal, some of us call it God, but we tend to call God what we cannot understand. And because in its evolution the Source manipulates and is manipulated, some of us call it Nature, but Nature is just one of the Source’s myriad manifestations. And because we can only imagine the beginning of the Source as an ‘explosion,’ some of us call it the ‘Big Bang,’ but the event we deem to be an ‘explosion’ was merely the emergence of one of its manifestations.

And since the Source thrives in us – in our desires, in our fears, in the pulse of primal blood in our veins, in the rhythmic beat of our hearts, in the innate instincts that compel us to adapt and survive, in our boundless ingenuity and creativity, in our urge to bond and re-generate, in our self-reflective contemplation of self-reflection – some of us call it Life. But Life is the Source itself in us and all around us, the mystery of mysteries from which we emerge with the capacity to transcend beyond our own limits.

What are we?

Infinitesimally small from the dimension of the stars and immense from the dimension of the atoms, we are a manifestation of a primal Source that imprints us from the moment of Becoming with a mandate to bond, re-generate, adapt. Thus ensuring our participation in the renewal and perpetuation of its onward movement.

But although driving us with primal instincts and regulating our development under laws that control our internal and external environments, the Source nonetheless endows us with a degree of freedom to choose, to adapt, to see beyond immediacy, to transform ourselves and our world. We are sources of Transformation.

Where are we going?

Pregnant with the possibilities of a degree of freedom yet limited by the demands of our internal and external environments, we forge ahead until we no longer can, until the inexorable moment when we must begin the disintegration of our physical self and re-integration into the unfolding Source from which we emerged.

Like everything in Nature, we develop through the evolutionary steps of our species. Each step builds upon the ones before; some steps affect immediate progeny while others entire generations; some steps affect the course of our evolution while others Evolution itself. This is what Transcendence is, the reaching out beyond our own existence. Therefore, according to the significance of what we imagine, what we create, what we destroy, what we take, what we give, we may transcend into a new form of existence, a new form of Life equivalent to the significance of our existence.

Think about Einstein – how his ideas live among us, opening new visions of the Universe and challenging our understanding of Reality; think about Darwin – how his theory of Evolution lives among us, stimulating research in the origins of Life; think about Mandela and Gandhi – how their courage live among us, inspiring pacifist rebellion against the tyranny of unaccountable power; think about Socrates – how his method of inquiry lives among us, stimulating discussion on the meaning of Being; think about Gauguin – how his profound and haunting questions live among us, daring us to search for answers. These human beings live among us in heightened forms of existence that further our creative progression towards complexity; they live among us in the greater reaches of our perception; they live among us challenging and transforming our understanding of the unfolding phenomenon from which we emerge, helping us move forward in the transcendental process of Becoming, making us more daring in our visions of the future, more self-conscious about the struggles and wonders of existence.

WHERE DO WE COME FROM? We emerge out of a primordial self-generating, self-regulating, self-transcending Source.

WHAT ARE WE? We are sources of Transformation.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? In equal measure to the significance of our lives, we transcend into the Source from which we emerged.


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