278 – Transmutation …

What would you do with your life if you knew that it emerged as part of the restless continuum we call Humanity; a continuum eons in the making and impelled forward not only by the forces that challenge and strengthen its continuity

but by us,

you and I,

as we toil with opportunities or the lack of them to improve our survival or that of our species.

We come into Life built with the capacity to perpetuate the continuum and with a degree of freedom to alter it. This is magnificent. This is how Humanity moves forward, self-creating, self-transforming, learning, adapting, re-forming. This is how, equivalent to the significance of what we accomplish with our lives, we re-emerge back into the continuum, transmuted into other forms of life.

Nothing truly dies. What seems to be an end is but a transmutation from one state of being into another. We see death as an ending because we cannot see beyond our limitations.

All those in our evolutionary progression who struggled to survive, to change the world, to help us see beyond our limitations, live in us in what we are becoming as we may live in what we may become. This is how the past informs the present and the present informs the future.

We are the creation of our past and the creators of our future.

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