280 – We are participants in the unfolding of our Universe …

Why, if it is the most important thing there is, most of us are not aware that we are a part of our Universe?

We would not be alive otherwise.

This lack of awareness about something so important is understandable in those of us whose lives are a constant struggle to survive, but for those of us who have the time to be curious and the opportunities to know how to know, it is unforgivable; our lack of awareness of this truth is the source of our detachment from reality, and the reason why we are destroying the world that gives us existence.

Scientists, especially those in the physical sciences, bear great responsibility for our ignorance; they fail to include us in the nature and beauty of their theorems. It is as if we don’t exist in what they learn about our Universe, therefore, instead of expanding the knowledge of our intimate connection with our Universe, they reassert our feeling of alienation.

The feeling of alienation they evoke in us does not represent the truth that, as every cell in our bodies participates in the unfolding of what we are, we are participants in the unfolding of our Universe.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei

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