282 – Vitruvian Man …

It is fascinating to see the graceful symmetry of the human body – the proportioned halves working together under the command centers of the brain, the heart, the stomach, the genitals; each halve complementing the other, each supporting the other. And although the halves are similar, they are quite different in their functions as defined by the symmetrical hemispheres of the brain; the right hemisphere controlling the left side of the body, the left controlling the right side.

In a well-defined body as in Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the line dividing the halves from the head to the crotch is clear. How this symmetry develops is astonishing: We are the result of an evolutionary process that demands our specific body configuration to comply with the natural laws of equilibrium while endowing us with a degree of freedom in our evolution. This is how homo sapiens has come to be what we are today.

We are evolving at an increasingly accelerated pace due to our advancing technological skills. In the decades since the advent of computer technology, we have already seen organic changes in the neural connectivity of our brains; studies show a more complex neural connectivity in children with computer skills than children without them. Pre-historic human beings did not have the capacity to alter our bodies as we have now … we live longer because of those alterations. But because our life-spam is so short as compared, for example, with the lifespan of sequoia trees that can live thousands of years, we are unable to appreciate the pace of the evolution of our bodies. But we are evolving. And may continue to evolve if we overcome the existential crisis of our own creation that threatens our survival.

We are extraordinarily beautiful creatures. Our bodies are supple marvels of engineering, self-organization, self-generation, transformation, We are born into life in a Universe that shapes the symmetry of our organic configuration yet gives us the freedom to shape the process that may become our future.

What in the world do we need for us to see the beauty of what we are and not the destruction we can create?

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