288 – On Consciousness …

What is Consciousness?

The presence I am born with, wired in my makeup. The presence with the power to give me life or destroy me. The presence that makes me soar in my successes or slither in my failures. The presence that opens the doors to the imagination or closes them with a sad, horrific sound.

The presence that makes me aware of my own awareness and helps me see myself in the world, of the world.

The presence that, although common to everyone, makes me unique as no other being in the world.

The presence that focuses on single attainments like a laser beam or flutters away in myriad things     like pollen in the wind.

The presence that senses the world inside and outside me, the world in which I exist and will dissipate, the world I manipulate and manipulates me, the world in which I navigate and must learn to adapt.

The presence that creates the reality that allows me to remember my past – the feelings, the emotions – to envision my future – the hopes, the dreams – and to give me intention, insight, and the will to exist.

The presence that in moments of pain and sorrow can engulf me in excruciating loneliness and in moments of love and happiness can release me into flights of ecstasy.

The presence that is tangible and intangible, near and distant, incomprehensible and knowable, mysterious and self-evident, ethereal and physical.

The presence that eons in the making comes into life out of the communion of every particle in my body to become the link to something beyond comprehension and to give me the power to forge it, to transcend it, to strive to understand it.

This presence – a semblance of all the above and so much more – measuring, sensing, instigating, examining, judging my thoughts, my life, my actions       is the wonder of my consciousness.

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