29 – Why do we love Sex so much?

Is it because it has been made into ‘Sin’?

Is it because it gives us so much pleasure?

Is it because giving pleasure to our own body and to the bodies of others is exciting, and beautiful, and never enough?

Is it because it awakens in us ancient and collective instincts?

Is it because it lightly let us touch the universal in us?

 Sex is mysterious because it can take us into ecstatic and eerie trances, yet it is also such a feast to the organic senses … violent, tender, carnal. Sex brings out the primeval animal that seizes us into immeasurable heights of pleasure, and degradation, and pain, and wonder, and ecstasy.

 Sex is a strong force in Nature: It is the intimate intercourse from which we come into existence; it is what incites us to bond; it is the urge that makes us universal; it is what drives our evolution; it is what transmits into future generations what we have learned.

 Ancient and universal forces pre-program in us everything that seeks the adventures and the pleasures of sex. Through sex we are made into instruments for the perpetuation of the process of creation.

 One thing that has made human beings evolve differently from most animals is the fact that our sexual drive is not seasonal but continuous. And because it grows in force as we move from early adolescence into young adulthood … when we are constantly on the prowl to satisfy the hormonal fire within … sex has driven us into producing more offspring than our environment can properly sustain. It is thus obvious that the inhibition of sex education and of the use of contraceptives, especially amongst the disadvantaged, are major causes for the population increase threatening to overwhelm the environment that sustains our evolution.

 There is no way to refute the fact that we are natural and highly evolved sexual animals driven instinctively by universal forces that compel and empower us to act and react. How else can we explain the power that builds up inside our bodies demanding to be released with the promise of pleasure so a species can grow and evolve? How else can we explain the fact that in the sexual act our bodies release juices loaded with living creatures that innately know how to generate other human beings? How else can we explain the fact that we consume living energy sources so we can build the individual organism that shares a common structural design? How else can we explain the fact that our sexual feelings, although utterly personal, are complements of ‘something’ greater than us; ‘something’ that can be orderly, and bonding, and demanding, and destructive, and brutal and wild, and insatiable, and creative, and self-generating, and exciting; ‘something’ that imprints our bodies from the moment we are created with the desire to seek pleasure so a species can be perpetuated.

 If there is no way to refute the fact that we are sexual animals  innately driven to procreate by seeking pleasure, then why do we have to be ashamed of the creative, and natural, and universal force that drives our unfolding and brings us into life?

 This is how horribly indoctrinated we are. Ages ago some sexually frustrated man came up with the idea that sex is a ‘sin’, and most of us still believe this absurdity. Isn’t it amazing that with so many irrefutable facts about the animal and the universal in us, this absurdity can still be perpetuated for the sole purpose of keeping the human mind subdued under a heavy blanket of ignorance and guilt? 

Why do we follow those who want to keep us ignorant and laden with guilt, when it is self-evident that we possess the intelligence to discern the universal forces that deeply sculpt our existence yet give us the power to self-reflect and shape our world?

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