290 – Final Post – The Universal Matrix …

My argument for the existence of a Universal Matrix is based on the following self-evident facts:

  • – Under our current perception of reality, the structure of our Universe is a composite of microscopic dimensions from which we are made (atoms, cells, bacteria), and macroscopic dimensions in which we are embedded (planets, stars, galaxies).
  • – We, you and I, humankind, appear to exist within a medium in which these dimensions coalesce into a favorable environment for the evolution of conscious self-reflection.
  • – As recipients of conscious self-reflection, we have come to comprehend that the micro and macro dimensions form a singularity; a totality we call our Universe that progressively and self-determinedly unfolds towards complexity and order.
  • – And for anything to sustain a steady and self-determined progression for eons of time and amid constant change as our Universe has done and continues to do, is not possible without a matrix: A Universal Matrix. “Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.” [1]

This Universal Matrix is a composite of fundamental properties that, reiterated on every universal component … including you and I … pre-determines our development while allowing a relative degree of freedom on how we transform ourselves and our environments. The fundamental properties of the Universal Matrix have been discerned from what I believe is the Essence of existing scientific theories, some of which are listed below:

Interconnectedness Bell’s Theorem
Self-reflective equilibrium Relativity
Triality Complementarity
Uncertainty & probability Uncertainty & Probability
Dissipation Dissipative Structures
Self-creation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation Autopoietic Systems
Progression Evolution
Reiteration Mandelbrot Set
Propagation Quantum Field Theory

Interconnectedness: Like every evolving system in our Universe, we are congregations of intimately interconnected components …

Self-reflective Equilibrium: E=mc2: The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.[2] We are the body in the equation that, instinctively or self-determinedly, measures its mass and energy contents to keep them in equilibrium – one always a relative measure of the other …

Triality: We are syntheses of three complementary properties: We are elementary units and a species and a Universe, all at the same time …

Uncertainty & Probability: The outcomes of our actions are uncertain probabilities that may or may not become reality. We are pure potential …

Dissipation: We originate, develop, take form by transforming energy sources. We are sources of transformation …

Self-creation: Regulated by natural laws, we self-generate, self-organize, bond, self-regulate, adapt, self-perpetuate, and transform with a degree of freedom while preserving a pre-determined configuration …

Progression: From the moment we come into existence, we begin the process of our own creation by rendering every component a reiteration (a repetition) and a reiterator (a propagator) of the Universal Matrix.

The fact that the above-listed theories summon a matrix that is reiterated on every universal component, including you and I, is evidence of a magnificent Order that, although within us and all around us, is yet beyond our comprehension.

Like every naturally evolving component in our Universe, the moment we come into existence we begin, whether by instinct or self-determination, the process of our own creation by rendering every component a reiteration and a reiterator of the Universal Matrix. We are reiterations and reiterators, albeit with a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world.

This is the “singular, all-encompassing, coherent framework that fully explains and links together all aspects of the universe.” [3]

This is how our Universe has evolved from a yet unknown source into a magnificent self-generating and self-perpetuating mystery; this is how Earth has evolved from a swirling cloud of gas and dust into a cauldron of myriad forms of Life; this is how we have evolved from our simian ancestry into the techno-wizards of today; this is how self-reflection is becoming conscious of itself.


[1] Matrix | Definition by Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

[2] Albert Einstein’s description of e=mc2 in his 1905 paper (highlight mine)

[3] Excerpted from Wikipedia’s Theory of Everything

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