30 – By consenting to the perpetuation of our destructive Paradigm, we are consenting to our own destruction …

The Paradigm under which we currently understand Reality is based on lies: 1 – The lie that we are separate from Nature and have the right to control it and destroy it, 2 – The lie that the success of an entire economic system can be based on unsustainable growth and rapacious consumerism, 3 – The lie that the value of material possessions is the measure of human life.

These lies have been fabricated by powerful and influential men to control the natural inquisitiveness of the human mind for their own interests, failing to comprehend the catastrophic implications of their machinations.

Under these lies a world has been fashioned where religious dogmas incite divisiveness, ignorance and hate; where an entire economic system can be based on the excesses of the individual and the destruction of the environment; where the exploitation and control of entire populations as capital is the goal of corporate elites; where the corporate media hides the hideous crimes of their masters; where the killing of dispossessed human beings is of no consequence; where educational systems have been bought to promote corporate interests instead of opening our minds to the possibilities of a sustainable, realistic, and more humane Paradigm. perception

Our leaders and our educational systems have betrayed us in the name of the invented ‘gods’ of consumerism and unquestionable faith with a Paradigm promoted over the centuries to subdue the human mind. Therefore, from very early in our development, we are taught to be obedient and not to question authority. But we have reached a critical stage in our evolution where the future of our descendants … of Humankind … depends on the capacity of our generation to end the dominance of lies and deceit and seek the truth instead.

We are not ‘special’. We are not the rulers of Nature; we are engendered by Nature, embedded in Nature, co-creators with Nature. We cannot dogmatically enforce an economic system based on unsustainable growth and rapacious consumerism without eventually exhausting the limited resources that sustain it.

The building blocks for a revolution in our understanding and a more rational and sustainable Paradigm are already in place. Today we have enough empirical knowledge to comprehend that:

  • We come into existence out of the Earth pre-programed to develop into a shared structural design, yet endowed us with a relative degree of freedom to self-reflect and choose direction.
  • We are sources of transformation, but our existence is perpetuated only through the equilibrium between the energy we consume and the energy we dissipate.

For centuries we have been indoctrinated into believing that Reality is made up of Division, Conflict, and Annihilation. It is not, and consenting with this destructive Paradigm is driving us into our own destruction. Although Nature can be catastrophic, chaotic, and cruel, the progression of its evolutionary process is preeminently creative and pregnant with possibility, transformation, and astonishing endurance and beauty. We have the power to discern this in us, and with it we have the tools to create a more rational and encouraging vision for our future.

What do you think?

Revised March 2018

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