33 – We have the Power to transform the energy we consume into Power …

It is self-evident that we – the human species – have evolved within a favorable environment into the most dominant species on Earth.

It is self-evident that as individuals and as a species, we are totally dependent on the environment for the energy sources we need to exist and fuel our development. Yet we are overwhelming this same environment with our exponential growth and levels of consumption.

It is self-evident that an economic culture dominated by the profiteering of corporations leads us into constant conflict, divisiveness, injustice, inequality, destruction, pollution, greed, and horrendous levels of poverty and ignorance. And although devoid of humanitarian or environmental concerns yet blessed by economists, politicians and religious leaders, global corporations are making the decisions critical for the survival of Humanity.

This is the reason why educational systems have prostituted themselves into promoting a destructive economic system, while knowledge about the enormous power each one of us has to affect change is obliterated. This is the reason why most of Humanity is unable to conceptualize the empirical fact that all the cells engendered by the fusion of the ovum and the sperm, inherit the primal instincts  to give us power to function as a dynamic and cohesive unit, to find the best way to adapt and survive, to give direction to our lives; or the fact that in order to have a continuous form of existence, we are innately born with the knowledge to balance our intake and release of energy sources so we can craft the progressive sequence of states of equilibrium that give us relative stability; or the fact that although we are totally dependent on the consumption of energy sources for our survival, we possess the inherent capacity to transform that energy into the power of motion, action, ideas, transformation.

So, no matter how the corporate media conceals self-evident truths with banality and misinformation; no matter how educational systems prostitute themselves to promote an unsustainable economic system; no matter how global corporations plunder the environment and try to tyrannize the human spirit, sooner or later we’ll induce the emergence of a new world order where we come to accept as common knowledge the obvious fact that we exist only because we live within a Universe that gives us substance and power to affect not only our own development, but the development of the world in which we exist.

“And what would the world be like, when you venture out? Quite unlike the way it looks now”. Rimbaud

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Revised March 2018

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