34 – Why do we follow Divisive and Destructive Fabrications?

Isn’t it inconceivable that at this stage and age in the evolution of what we call “civilized man”, the human implications of beautiful, and insightful, and powerful, and well established scientific Theories like:
Bell’s Theorem
Dissipative Structures
are mostly unknown?

Yet absurdities
– like the existence of a ‘Heaven’ where we will be allowed to adore for eternity a hateful and oppressive deity if we have been totally subservient and gullible,
– or the bizarre idea that we can attain ‘enlightenment’ while the world around us is crumbling under mass killings, and hunger, and ignorance, and insatiable greed,
– or the devastating economic doctrine that an ‘intelligent’ species like ours can grow and consume indefinitely without concern for the limited environment that hosts our existence,
can be widely acceptable and given credibility!!!

Bell’s Theorem has proven that, as in all natural systems in our Universe, the component elements of our bodies are intimately interconnected so we can attain a cohesive and continuous form of existence: Neurons in our brains instantly connect with cells in our feet so we can step hard on the brakes when forewarned by our eyes of an accident in front of our car.
The Theories of Relativity & Thermodynamics have proven that energy and mass, and not atomic particles, are our most fundamental complements (The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content [Einstein]), and that these fundamental complements reflect upon each other to instinctively maintain sequential states of relative equilibrium (greater mass = greater energy, lesser mass = lesser energy [e=mc2]): As we develop from a fetus into a full grown human being, we consume and release energy sources in relative equivalence to our body weight and level of activity.
The Theory of Complementarity has proven that, as all natural systems in our Universe, we have particle-like and wave-like complementary properties. Our species is made out of individual human beings and the wave-like patterns we create as we interact with environments: Undeniably there is no one else like me in the entire world … with my level of perception and the unique atomic arrangement of my body … yet I only exist because, like billions of other human beings, I am pre-determinedly structured and driven by ancient forces into bonding and seeking pleasure, so the species to which I belong can unfold affecting and being affected by its environment. One of billions, billions of One.
Uncertainty and Probability have proven that, as all natural systems in our Universe, we innately tend to unfold into more or less pre-determined designs amidst an environment charged with complete uncertainty yet pregnant with infinite possibilities: A phone call, or someone else’s action or inaction, or a sudden idea, or an earthquake, can drastically change our lives and twist the path we were assuredly walking … but amidst utter uncertainty we do possess the capacity to plan, and consider myriad possibilities, and can actually turn some of them into Reality.
Dissipative Structures has proven that, as all natural systems in our Universe … atoms, and cells, and planets, and galaxies … we consume, synthesize and release energy sources to sustain an ongoing form of existence: You and I eat and breathe to stay alive, transforming what we consume into ideas, and motion, and action.*

Thus no matter how many religions divide us into sects and how many flags divide us into factions, there will be no rational way to deny the fact that like all natural systems in our Universe … like atoms, and cells, and species, and planets, and galaxies … we come into existence out of an ancient creative force imprinted with a detailed plan … a master blueprint … that drives us into building a cohesive, self-organizing, self-generating and self-reflective form of existence endowed with a relative degree of freedom to affect our own evolution.

So why do we continue following divisive and destructive fabrications?

Could it be that the Truth … so evident, so incontestable … is forbidden because it terrifies those who clip our wings so our spirits cannot soar?

*Refer to Post 5 and to Categories for more detailed information on the Theories.

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