36 – Searching for The Universal Value …

“If men cannot refer to a common value, recognized by all as existing in each one, then man is incomprehensible to man”. Albert Camus*

Values, like Beauty, Freedom, Justice, Courage, Moderation, Truth, Reason, Wisdom, are recognized by all of us to a certain degree and according to individual experience, but they have different significance, different Value, for each of us.

We don’t yet have a common value that is not only shared by everybody without exception, but that it also has the same exact significance, the same Value, for all of us; for you, for me, for the rest of Humankind, for the rest of the natural world.

That value is Equilibrium.

From the moment a single Sperm … out of millions … is accepted inside an Ovum, a dance of Creation and Equilibrium begins.

At every step of our unfolding we consume energy, store it temporarily as Mass, transform it, and then release it back as the energy of Re-generation, and Waste, and Motion, and Direction, and Selection, and Method, and Power, and Purpose, in a brilliant and organized parade of consecutive states of optimal Equilibrium between what is consumed and what is released.

Innately driven by a Force as ancient as the Universe, our body … and each of its component elements … innately knows when it is time to recharge, and how much energy it needs to store, and how much energy it can spend. And not withstanding anomalies, which are often catastrophic if not transforming, the dance between consumption and release continues unabated until we can no longer dance.

Thus no matter how young or old, short or tall, black or white or yellow or brown, educated or religious or not, male or female or in between, Existence demands of us that we maintain, amidst the ups and downs of our development, a constant Equilibrium between what we intake and what we release.

Just look at the things you instinctively do to amass energy … eat, rest, sleep, self-reflect … getting ready to sprint again. And then look at the things you purposefully do with the amassed energy … deciding to read a certain book or looking for another job or building the home of your dreams … but reduce energy sources, or take them away altogether, and Life as we know it is changed.

This is the Law of Conservation of Energy … the Universal Equalizer … which demands of each one of us, without exception, that in order to exist we constantly transform energy into mass and mass into energy, but always maintaining their contents in equilibrium.

So, if we are all exactly the same in the sense that our lives are based on an Primordial Equivalence that regulates the flow of our unfolding, and if we are all exactly the same in the sense that we are all endowed with a relative degree of freedom to direct our future, and if we are all exactly the same in the sense thatwe all know … in different degrees of acceptance … that if we continue to disregard the impact of our uncontrolled growth and mindless consumerism on the limited resources of the planet we will ultimately have to face catastrophic consequences if not total extinction, why then do we bend under political and religious dogmas (see Post 21) that incite division and drive us into the irrational destruction of the energy sources in which our lives depend?

The more we recognize the Universal Primordial Equivalence existing in each and all of us, the more we will stop consenting.

What are your thoughts?

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