36 – Searching for The Universal Value …

If men cannot refer to a common value, recognized by all as existing in each one, then man is incomprehensible to man”. Albert Camus*

Values like Beauty, Freedom, Justice, Courage, Moderation, Truth, Reason, Wisdom, are recognized by all of us to a certain degree and according to individual experience, but we differ on their significance and assign them different values.

We don’t yet have “a common value recognized by all as existing in each one”.

That value is Equilibrium.

From the moment a single sperm out of millions is allowed to become one with the ovum, a dance of creation and equilibrium is set in motion. It is the dance of Life.

Driven by a force as ancient as our Universe, our body … and each of its components … innately knows how to attain, and sustain, relative equilibrium between the quantity of energy consumed, the quantity stored, and the quantity spent in the creation and transformation of ourselves. And notwithstanding anomalies, which are often catastrophic if not transforming, this dance between consumption and diffusion continues unabated until we can no longer dance.

At every step of our unfolding, especially during the rapidly developing years of our infancy, childhood, and adolescence, the energy sources we consume are primarily transformed into the generation, selection, direction, method, power, purpose, waste, of building the mass and volume of our body.

Once we reach the plateau of relative physical stability that will carry us with degrees of flexibility through youth, adulthood, maturity, and old age, the energy sources that were mainly concentrated on growth can then be directed to fuel the dynamics of sexual adventures, searching for a mate, finding dependable and steady sources of energy, developing the intellect, following our dreams, planning the future.

And the Self that was born into existence upon the bonding of ovum and sperm, could not now be able to consciously reflect upon the experiences, the mistakes, the decisions, the transformative moments that brought us into the present, without the dance of creation and equilibrium that is our source of transformation.

Equilibrium is the universal equalizer. Although the levels of consumption and diffusion of energy sources fluctuate throughout our development, their equivalence must remain in relative equilibrium throughout our existence.  There is no existence without it.

The more we recognize that our lives are based on a primordial equilibrium that regulates, sustains, and allows us to transform the flow of our unfolding, the more we will understand how fundamentally equal we all are.

*Highlight mine.

Revised March 2018

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