44 – What is it going to take?

For thousands of years Humanity has striven to find answers to the questions immortalized by the artist Paul Gauguin in one of his most beautiful paintings:

  • Where do we come from?
  • What are we?
  • Where are we going?

My well-researched yet tentative answers to these questions are:

  • Where do we come from? We emerge more or less pre-designed yet endowed with a relative degree of freedom to adapt and change, out of the same Primordial Substance into which we ultimately return.
  • What are we? We are highly complex congregations of myriad living components temporarily fused together into the phenomenon we call Self.
  • Where are we going? Our body … the physical congregation of components … ultimately dissipates back into the Primordial Substance (environment!) from which it came into existence. But the Self (the Soul, the Mind, the Operator, the Creator, the Architect, the Force that gives us the capacity to direct not only our lives but oftentimes the lives of others) may continue to be part of the evolution of the Source, yet measured by the significance of what we accomplished with our lives. i.e. the significance of Darwin’s and Einstein’s contribution to human knowledge, are manifest forces that continue to shape our evolution. This is Self-transcendence, the reaching out beyond the boundaries of one’s own existence. *

The need to transcend, to continue to be a part of Life, is innate in us. We are impregnated in varying degrees with an urge to leave a mark in the world – a monumental action or idea, our progeny – that may live beyond our existence. This need is what gives us the power to transform our world.

We are like a stream of water through which Life flows and expands. And like the flow of a stream, we are made out of ever-changing forms … eddies, curlicues … that ebb and unfold into forces that can be great or small, simple or complex, violent or tender, creative or destructive … forces that have the potential to affect and transform the course of Evolution.

But knowledge of our transcendental power threatens established religious and socio-economic dogmas, and it is inhibited through the indoctrination and re-enforcement of absurdities like:

  1. We may transcend into a bizarre afterlife, if we unquestioningly follow a male-dominated worldview.
  2. We may be granted freedom and happiness, if we blindly abide by an economic doctrine based on unsustainable growth and unbounded consumerism.

What is it going to take for us to see the obvious evidence that Organized Religion and the glorification of Greed are the cause of Divisiveness, Hate, Destruction?

What is it going to take for us to understand that most religious, political and economic leaders do not give a damn about our plight and that they care only about their wealth and the hegemony of their destructive doctrines?

What is it going to take for us to overcome the dominance of a paradigm that sees human beings as disposable and gullible commodities, so we can create instead a paradigm that sees us as decidedly under the pangs of Evolution, yet clearly endowed … each one of us … with the capacity to shape the Future?

What is it going to take?

*Erich Jantsch

Revised July 2018

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