51 – Imagine Knowing …

We are taught that War is a Necessity, that there will always be enemies (even if we have to create them).

Imagine knowing that this is a lie.

What we are not taught is that War is one of the most profitable businesses in the world and the reason why, even with no evidence of an enemy, it is constantly financed and provoked. War, instigated to satisfy unconscionable greed, kills the innocent by the thousands and thousands. This is an atrocity.

We are taught that Religion is Salvation, that there is no Heaven without it (even if we have to create it).

Imagine knowing that this is a farce.

What we are not taught is that organized Religion is one of the most powerful forms of control by deception. Religions lie to their followers to keep them under their spell; they incite division, fear, and intolerance without a hint of apprehension for the horrendous consequences of their actions.

Under the focus of our current scientific methodology on Reductionism we cannot comprehend what 90% of our Universe is, nor fathom how the Human body can turn energy sources into the phenomenon of the self-reflective mind, yet we are taught that this is the only way to understand Reality.

Imagine knowing that this is an error.

What we are not taught is that this limiting methodology is re-enforced and vehemently defended because it gives most scientists a false sense of control over Nature, because it nicely fits their equations, and because it remunerates them handsomely.

So if Politics, organized Religions, and Science deceive us, where do we go for Truth?

The Truth is that YOU are the most amazing Natural Living System we know of in our Universe. And overcoming the indoctrination of organized religions, the control of warmongering political doctrines, and the limitations of our current scientific methodology, this Truth will open your mind to the wisdom that, as all living systems, the Human body evolves through more or less universal stages (conception, infancy, youth, adulthood, maturity) into a design that abides by environmental rules – no more cells than needed to proceed healthily from one stage into another, no unchecked growth without distressing the continued existence of the body, no stability without equilibrium between our intake and release of energy sources.

The Human species unfolds through more of less the same stages as the Human body. We are struggling to advance into the next stage in our development, but our exponential growth and unsustainable level of consumption are out of balance with the environment, and as a species we don’t know how to re-value and re-balance ourselves even if our bodies have been doing it for millennia.

Imagine Knowing what we are not even allowed to consider: That in our own bodies we have the Knowledge to re-value and re-balance our relationship with our environment.

Imagine Knowing.

Revised October 2018

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  2. Glenn Marois says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  14. “What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.”

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