55 – On Greed …

Somewhere in the evolutionary path of our species, we came to a fork in our Destiny where, sadly, we took the road of Greed instead of the road of Wisdom.

This is the reason why, every form of power, be it religious, political, or economic, is dominated by greed for control or material wealth. This is the reason why the value of Human life is measured, not by its intrinsic worth but by how much it serves, or not, the insatiable greed of those in power.

And because staying in power requires increasing numbers of followers, and accumulation of wealth requires growing numbers of avid consumers, Greed is the powerful force behind the unhealthy growth in human population; it is the reason why some of us can witness the degradation of human life into horrendous levels of poverty and cruelty, and, unstirred, turn away to the next purchase.

With its disregard for the de-humanization of human life and its devastating blow on Morals and Decency, Greed, as an aim, is so ingrained in most of our cultures, that the greatest achievement is to be the richest or most powerful individual on earth, which has turned us into an irresponsible and brutish race to possess and control.

We are constantly assailed by banalities with the sole purpose to feed the destructive and insatiable ‘god’ of Greed, while distancing ourselves, more and more, from the most incredible evolutionary advantage Human beings have achieved: The capacity to self-reflect and try to understand our intimate bond with Nature.

Assisted and guided by Nature, our bodies are born with the Wisdom of:

  • – knowing how to generate, organize, and bond myriad components into a cohesive yet dynamic Self;
  • – knowing how to attain, and sustain, progressive states of equilibrium between the energy sources we consume and the energy sources we release;
  • – knowing how to live in constant transformation, yet continue to be the same fundamental Self.

The wisdom of our bodies is not only self-evident, but it is also re-asserted by scientific theories, advances in technology, and common sense, yet it is brutally twisted into the destruction of the environment that gives us Life to feed the greed of a few.

A culture dominated by Greed has thrown us into a crisis in in which we are faced with a choice, either to continue on the destructive road where Greed is taking us, or turn into a road of Wisdom that will open a future of adventure and possibilities.

Revised October 2018

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