59 – Conscious Self-determination …

From very early on in childhood, our Minds are introduced to two distinct yet complementary aspects of the movement of Life:

1. One is what we term “The Unconscious”: the Inflexible, Instinctive and at times Violent aspect of Life … the survival, the conflicts of adaptation, the constant need for sustenance, the urge to bond and regenerate … which prods the process of Existence to charge on, to renew itself.
2. The other is what we generally term “The Conscious”: the Self-reflective, Self-propelling and Creative side of Life … the ingenious decision making, the reflection on the past to foster the future, the capacity to change and affect change … which endows us with a relative degree of Freedom to take charge and affect our internal and external environments.

We move from one aspect to the other … from the Unconscious to the Conscious, and vice versa … responding mostly instinctively to internal and external influences (needs, urges, crises, demands), but once in a while we move between them fully conscious of a purpose and with the realization of the force of our self-determination.

This Conscious Self-determination is obviously one of the main drives of the natural movement of Life: It is obvious because it encourages Complexity and Self-reflection through Creation and Innovation and Renewal … just look around you to feel and see its constant movement. It is obvious because it encourages higher levels of intelligence and self-awareness in us, taking us, as far as we know, to the forefront of the evolving Process of Conscious Self-determination … just look at you and at the things you accomplish when you want them to happen.

But being aware of how powerful this high level of Conscious Self-determination is in us … our prevailing capacity to reflect and analyze and resolve and demand and change … terrifies those few who control the wealth of the earth, those few who make the decisions for our Destiny with their self-interests in mind. It is thus that Knowledge about the Power of our Conscious Self-determination is imprisoned behind the convenient walls of unbounded consumerism and unthinking obedience and unbridgeable divisions. It is thus we are not allowed to know the incredible reach of the Human Mind.

Yet we are, without doubt, clear proof of the Force of Life’s Conscious Self-determination. We are at the forefront of this primordial and relentless and astonishing and urging Force that rules with inflexible mandates and engulfs us with powerful, ancient, violent and animal drives we hardly imagine we had in us. And yet this is the same Force that makes us conscious of our own Existence, conscious that we love and create and seek Beauty and mandate Fairness and mold … with relative degree of Freedom … the primordial ground from which we sprout into Life, engendering and urging Life into greater levels of Conscious Self-determination.

This is our Destiny: Like neurons in a child’s brain beginning to make connections to prepare the path for the upcoming wonder of the self-conscious Mind, we are Pioneers in the most incredible adventure: The forging of the wonder of the Self-conscious Universal Mind.

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