61 – Dogma closes Doors to the Human Mind …

There are incontestable and self-evident Universal Facts that are still very difficult for us to accept and incorporate into our perception of Reality … redolent as they are with Commonality … because they obliterate our wish to feel Special, to be the ‘darlings’ of Creation. They reassert instead the instinctive animal urges we share through a primitive genetic makeup:
• It is incontestable that we exist in an organic Body whose evolution has been ongoing for millions of years, and whose structure will ultimately disintegrate sometime in the future; it is incontestable that we eat other living creatures to give our Body the energy to mold and support our urges and our development; it is incontestable that we exist only because of the survival success of the evolving species we call Humanity; it is incontestable that our Body, as unique as it may feel to each one of us, is organically and skeletally structured like billions … billions … of other human bodies: two legs, two arms, a sexual organ, and a head with a brain inside.

And then there are incontestable yet non-evident Universal Facts that we are unable to incorporate as part of our Reality, because they belong to alien dimensions too small or too big, or too slow or too fast for our organic senses to perceive; these Universal Facts feel detached from us because they happen in ‘worlds’ we must look at, or know about, through scientific instruments or theories:
• It is incontestable that stars and planets have each a distinct composition and a more or less predictable lifespan; it is incontestable that the Human Body is composed of myriad minute and specialized cells that gather together into a self-replicating and cohesive system; it is incontestable that there are Universal Forces keeping planets in relatively steady orbits around stars, and stars around galactic centers, and electrons around a nucleus; it is incontestable that an instinctive urge for Pleasure incites the perpetuation of Life; it is incontestable that the ephemeral phenomenon we call Mind, whether individual or Universal, is the communal and self-promoting Expression of many, many parts, bonding together to pilot … instinctively, yet often times self-determinedly … the experience of Life.

Whether these Facts are self-evident or not, whether we accept them or not, whether we are able to sense them or not, they are INCONTESTABLE. They are a part of us, of our Reality, of the Universe in which we Exist, of a Beautiful Order we are made afraid to explore, because if we do, it will do away with the fallacies of organized religious dogma.

There is no denying the Fact that there is Someone or Something behind the implied Order of Nature; Someone or Something beyond Comprehension yet open … especially during the wonder years of childhood when the Mind is new to the world … to Exploration without the imposition of others telling us to believe on Faith what they want that Someone or Something to be. This is how the Mind is enslaved. This is how we become Dogmatic. This is how we create the Divisions that demolish our Empathy. This is where Hate comes from.

Organized religion, as any form of organization, is beneficial in the sense that it can bring people together to do good things, but it is cruel and destructive when it aims to control the Mind.

There is an Incontestable and Magnificent Order within us and without us that we are forbidden to explore. The patriarchal clans that control organized religion have shut down the Doors of Wonder to the most beautiful spectacle the Mind can witness and experience … the tenacious and sensuous Body from which it emanates … and thus we don’t know how:

• Out of a universal urge to perpetuate Life, two miniscule cells come together and begin the planning and the manufacturing and the self-organizing of one of the most complex organisms we know about … our own Body,
• or that even as we grow and change and age, our Body instinctively knows how to wisely balance our intake and release of energy sources so we can continuously fuel the process of Existing,
• or that although we are utterly unique and distinct – not another one like me in the entire Universe – our Body is organized by an evolutionary process, and geared for Survival and Reproduction and Self-reflection … like billions of others …
• or that even if we are constantly challenged by Life’s demands and fluctuations, our Body has the ability to hold together myriad other forms, creating a sensory boundary within which we re-generate our own elements and perpetuate the phenomenon of the Self,
• or that although we are totally dependent on the environment in which we exist, our Body is In-built with the capacity to transform and guide our development.

These things we do following the primal commands of a strict yet supple Universal Order … an Order bent on Self-reflection, and Self-organization, and the Crafting of Complexity … yet we don’t know very much about it, nor how it can grip us in terror or abandon us in pleasure or awaken us in thought, nor how it has come to create out of organic stuff a Mind grown aware of itself, nor how it makes us conduits for the succession and transformation of Life, nor how it gives us the imagination to envision the Future.

The Key to the intellectual Revolution we need to shift from a Destructive to a Creative Paradigm, is Understanding. But Dogma closes Doors to the Human Mind.

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