64 – On Death …

What we call Death … that inevitable Process we are so ignorant about … is but a form of Transformation. But we have to understand and accept its fundamental process before we can understand the Metamorphosis.

The most Fundamental Complements in our Universe are Energy and Mass, yet there are Primal Forces … what we call Environments, Nature, Life, Death … that shape these Complements and cause them to Transform from one into the other, and back again, while they Bond into powerful congregations of self-generating and self-organizing manifestations of Existence. This is what we experience as the Self.

Galaxies, solar systems, the earth, the human species, cells, molecules, atomic particles, and each and all of us, are manifestations of this bonding and transforming Process.

We consume energy sources from our environment and store them into mass (muscle, bone structure, blood stream, nervous system) to keep our component elements together and empower our development in a relatively steady and organized manner. But in order to do this we must abide by a Universal Rule: To be able Exist for a continuous period of time, intake and release of energy sources must be kept in Equilibrium … greater energy consumption must be met with greater energy supply and lesser energy supply with lesser consumption … once this Equilibrium cannot be sustained we are dissipated back into the environment. This dissolution is what we call Death.

To constantly consume energy sources and turn them into mass, and then back into the energy of action and re-generation, means to Exist in a constant state of Transformation (our Body is constantly being transformed as cells are re-generated and replaced; the Species is constantly being transformed as we are re-generated and replaced). But for any natural form of Existence to sustain a constant process of Transformation towards its own re-generation, Equilibrium is vital (we cannot sustain a process of constant change without a relative equilibrium between what we consume and what we release). And sustained Equilibrium between consumption and release of energy sources cannot exist without a degree of Self-reflection (even if this happens mostly without our awareness, what we consume is a reflection of what we release, and vice-versa).

Our Mind is not yet Conscious of how primal this self-regulating Process is … we don’t remember where we came from before we were born nor how we came to be so highly Self-reflective … but our body does remember.

The Primal Process that drives the ovum to open to the sperm, re-enforcing an ancient Force and re-generating the Species, encodes each one of us, without our conscious awareness, with an orderly yet pliable blueprint that guides the formation and development of our Body, constantly balancing what we consume with the energy we generate, turning us into a Force that allows us to take charge of where we go and what we do and what we think, and endowing us with a degree of Freedom to be a catalyst for Transformation.

We are the stuff of ancient, ancient stock.

But the intuitive Knowledge of our primal ancestry is blunted by dogmatic ideologies and their brutish demands for unquestioning conformity to unsubstantiated beliefs. It is thus that the Process that has made us evolve to what we are today, the Process that has endowed us with a degree of Freedom to self-reflect and take charge of our lives, the Process that has taught us to adapt and transform ourselves and the world around us, is still in the dark for us.

This Primal Process is the Force behind the Creation of new forms; it is the Power that elevates Self-reflection to become aware of itself; it is the complex Order that creates minds of the caliber of a Darwin or an Einstein. Encoded in each and all of us, this Primal Process is the instinctive Urge to re-generate and physically transmit our genes, and our actions, and our ideas through the Continuum we call Life.

As we physically transmit the primal information encoded in our genes to continue to be a presence in the fabric of Life, creating brand new forms of Existence and re-generating not only our traits but also the continuity of the Species, so the ideas of a Darwin or an Einstein are physically transmitted to continue to be a presence in the fabric of Life, creating brand new forms of Existence … new physical Forces … that re-arrange the connections in our brains and sweep our perception of Reality into newer and higher levels of comprehension.

But Forces only transcend in equal measure to their Significance.

We don’t know when the Transformation of the Self is going to come, we don’t know how, but just imagine how different our world will be when we know that what we call Death is not the end, that albeit transformed into a new form of Existence we will continue to be a Force in the Continuum of Life, but only in equal measure to the Significance of our actions in this segment of Existence.

Why are we so afraid of Death when we truly cannot die? Nothing truly dies. The end of Existence, as we know it, is but an open door to further Transformation.

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