72 – We are Synthesis of Opposites …

Our minds are not yet capable of conceiving the complex and beautiful organization of the atomic particles that form our bodies; nor can we yet comprehend their constant and balanced transformation from energy into mass and from mass into energy; nor can we yet perceive the Primordial Forces that drive atoms … like musical notes in the continuum of a melody … to construct our bodies, molecule by molecule, enabling us to unfold under the constraints of environments and giving us a relative degree of freedom to play our own music.

Dominated by a Reductionistic scientific methodology, we have come to believe that the Essence of Nature can be understood by isolating and reducing it to its elementary constituents … atomic particles, genes, cells … thus we find ourselves desperately searching for the ultimate of all particles … the one scientists are calling the ‘god’ particle … believing that we will be able to understand everything once it is isolated. But while we are focused on this approach we have lost our capacity to perceive the ancient natural Forces … Bonding, Self-organization, Self-generation, Self-perpetuation, Self-reflection … that bind our bodies together and allow us to come alive as fleeting yet relatively significant elements in the continuum of Existence.

It is like trying to understand the Essence of a Melody by isolating a musical note, while in the process losing The Melody.

Atomic particles, or genes, or cells can be physically isolated to understand their characteristics, constitutions, propensities, interactions. But by doing so we not only remove them from their natural domains, more importantly, we overlook the primordial Forces that Bond them together to form complex and emerging organizations.

The methodology of Reductionism, by itself, gives us an incomplete understanding of Reality. The Essence of an atom, a gene, a cell, a human being, or a musical note for that matter, cannot be wholly comprehended by Isolation or Reduction. Therefore, complementing Reductionism with a harmonizing methodology … the Theory of Complementarity[1], for instance, with its foundation on the impossibility of fully understanding phenomena by separating it from the conditions from which it emerges … will give us a more truthful and complete view of the world form which we emerge.

All natural phenomena are composites of two or more seemingly opposing sides. As atoms, or molecules, or cells, we are unique and common, destructive and creative, predator and prey, folding and unfolding, instinctive and self-determined, transient and relatively permanent, significant and insignificant, a component part and a complete entity. And although seemingly opposing, the two sides complement each other; one cannot exist without the other. Thus by focusing on only one of the sides, we not only fail to see its co-dependence on the other, but we fail to see the complete phenomenon.

Whatever side of Nature we find ourselves … whether it is our choice or the choice of Nature … we all have a destructive side and a creative side, a primal side and a self-determined side, an ugly side and a beautiful side, a ‘bad’ side and a ‘good’ side. Therefore we cannot further the understanding of our own emergence nor of the natural world from which we are emerging, until we accept the Fact that, like everything in Nature, we are synthesis of opposites, indivisible from Nature.

[1] See posts 19,20,23 & 24 on Complementarity.

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