73 – An Intellectual Revolution is Brewing …

Most of the men and women making the decisions that affect our survival are refusing to acknowledge … either by silence or denial …   the destructive impact on the environment 1- of our unhealthy population growth 2- the unsustainability of an economic system based on unbounded consumerism and 3- the hate-promoting divisiveness of religious and social-political dogma.

These people are getting richer while watching most of humankind struggle and suffer under decisions made selfishly to promote increased instability and inequality. These are the people supposed to create a better world for Humanity, but are instead destroying the world that feeds and sustains us. How irrational is this!

Although our impact on the environment is unpredictable, the signs of an environment in crisis are undeniable. Everything we do that involves combustion is increasing the acidity of the oceans and the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which already are, according to Wikipedia, higher than any time in the last 800 thousand years. These are colossal changes we are inflicting on the chemical balance of the environment that supports Life on earth.

Yet the profitability of multinational corporations continues to demand a growing number of consumers, and the livelihood of most organized religions continues to depend on an increasing number of followers. So by continuing to promote our abnormal growth and our unsustainable levels of consumption, these two Forces are accelerating a crisis of unprecedented dimensions.

But although the catastrophic signs are imminent, these individuals won’t budge. Our current systems of governance allow them, without consequences, to annihilate rationality, to assume power by deception, to let corruption and predatory greed go unchecked, to incite conflict for ideological or profitable reasons; all of these are done without regards for the devastation inflicted especially on the poor and disadvantaged. These guys are drunk with Power and won’t let go, even if it destroys us all.

But crises are the cauldrons of change. There is, especially amongst young people, an emerging level of higher rationality and a growing empathy for our world; they are rebelling against the greed, the ignorance, and irrationality of our leaders.

An intellectual revolution is brewing amongst the millions who are being oppressed, or forced to face the dismal opportunities of a stolen Future.

“There is a change in consciousness, the intuition that something big is possible; that a great change in the world’s priorities is within people’s grasp.” [1]

[1] From “Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions” by Paul Mason

Revised March 2019

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