75 – The New Paradigm (Part I) …

Organized religions, stubbornly ignoring the common primal ancestry of our nature … our instinctive urge to bond and seek pleasure, to inhale, to exhale, to consume other living things in order to survive … continue to promote their dogmas of Division without regards for the hostility and ignorance they incite; and Science, stubbornly ignoring the common spiritual ancestry of our nature … our inherent need to understand what is greater than us, to comprehend the intangible yet defining forces that bound and steer our lives … continue to promote the limiting dogma that Life and the Universe can only be understood by reducing them to measurable pieces, while the immeasurable … the mind, our sense of wonder, the self-determined direction of Nature towards complexity and order … does not merit scientific significance.

These two inhibiting powers, battling for supremacy to control human perception, hinder our knowledge of the obvious fact that, although highly evolved, we are regulated and confined and open like any other natural system in Nature.

It is thus uncanny to realize that Science, possessing already a catalog of Theories that incontestably prove the common characteristics that link all natural systems, continues, in a bizarre concurrence with Organized Religion, to treat the human system as if we were not a natural system.

According to Science, some of the common characteristics of natural systems are:

Congregation of interconnected and dynamic elements into a cohesive whole (Bell’s Theorem).
Innate tendency to attain, and sustain, optimum states of relative equilibrium (Relativity).
Synthesis of seemingly opposing yet complementary properties – particle-like and wave-like, unique and common (Complementarity).
Inherent drive to unfold into a relatively pre-determined structural design amidst an uncertain and infinite set of probabilities (Uncertainty & Probability).
Survival is completely dependent on consumption and dissipation of energy sources (Dissipative Structures).
Self-containment, self-generation and self-perpetuation of component elements while the system maintains a fundamental yet pliable organization (Autopoietic Systems).
Self-organization and continued restructuring of component elements is attained through the reiteration of an overruling yet pliable prototype (Mandelbrot Set).
Relatively pre-determined by internal and external environments yet the system is endowed with a relative degree of freedom to adapt and manipulate not only its own evolution but the evolutionary movement in which it exists (Evolution).
Catalyst for transformation (Quantum Field Theory).

And so are some of our common characteristics:

We are a congregation of elements that gather together to form the dynamic yet cohesive structure of our bodies (Bell’s Theorem).
We are constantly, although mostly unconsciously, seeking equilibrium between our energy needs and the changing weight of our bodies (Relativity).
We are a blend of seemingly opposing yet complementary properties – good and bad, unique and common, conscious and unconscious, destructive and creative (Complementarity).
We develop, mostly by instinct, into a more or less pre-determined bodily configuration amidst uncertainty and chances (Uncertainty & Probability).
We survive by consuming other living things as sources of energy; we then transform the energy into the weight of our bodies, and then release the energy back into the environment as waste and action and thought (Dissipative Structures).
We instinctively perpetuate the structural configuration of our bodies by constantly re-generating our own elements within the envelope of our sensitive and pliable skin (Autopoiesis).
We self-organize into a constantly changing yet cohesive whole by embedding every cell we generate in our bodies with a prototype set of instructions (Mandelbrot Set).
We evolve and adapt mostly by following the mandates of our internal and external environments, but also by exercising the relative degree of autonomy we possess to manipulate our own development (Evolution).
We are catalysts for Transformation (Quantum Field).

And thus we are natural systems.

But because we are, as far as we know, the most highly evolved natural system in Nature, we have developed a brain that generates the mystery of the mind, a brain that can conceptualize the Universe, that can reflect upon itself and KNOW it is self-reflecting, that can look at Nature and see its splendor and its openness, its ingenuity and its cruelty, its gentleness and its monumental power, its order and its complexity, its mystery and its surprises; we have developed a brain that has come to wonder, that has come to think.

It is thus we have Science and Religion. And whether or not they irrationally continue to inhibit the knowledge of what we are, there is no rational way to deny the Fact that we are highly evolved natural systems, imprinted, as we imprint our cells with our DNA code, with the common characteristics of a universal blueprint that steers our unfolding and endows us with a degree of freedom to understand and see the Connection … the undeniable Link.

The true purpose of Religion is to promote Bonding, Understanding, Tolerance, Love. The true purpose of Science is to promote Openness, Learning, Knowledge, Vision. But in their stubborn dogmatism they are inhibiting their fundamental purpose.

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