77 – Progenitors of Conscious Self-Awareness

There are mysteries in our Universe our minds may never comprehend, but this does not stop us from trying.

Einstein, Galileo, Darwin and others tried, and they unraveled some.

Amidst the destruction and decay and death we constantly witness in our world, there is the unresolved mystery of the creative and self-organizing tendency towards complexity, cohesion and order in the unfolding of Nature. This ingenious and mysterious tendency is evident, especially to us today with the advances in technology, in the symmetry and intricacy of most natural systems; in the astonishing cohesion and self-generative organization of our own bodies; in the relentless self-stabilization of the earth-system; in the self-sustained synchronization of planetary systems; in the preeminence of the spiral and globular shapes of galaxies in our Universe; in the austere and tidy rigor of the Periodic Table of the fundamental atomic elements; in the encoding of the DNA molecule with the blueprint of an entire human being.

It is a mystery to us how we happen to come into existence out of two miniscule cells which, driven by powerful and mostly unexplored natural forces, start a process so ingenious, so intricate, so visionary as to end up with a creature like you and I, loaded with emotions and feelings like Ecstasy and Awe and Joy and Bafflement and Horror in the presence of our own creative and destructive powers; a creature so utterly unique as to hold a mind like no other in the entire Universe and yet so common as to have an organic structure like millions and millions of other creatures; a creature so fragile as to be easily wiped out of existence by our internal and external environments and yet so strong as to be able to influence the unfolding of our evolutionary process.

It is a mystery to us how a Universe the size of which we cannot even yet determine, can so thoroughly impart on all and every one of its component elements/systems/creatures the uncompromising rules to self-organize, to self-regulate, to self-generate, to self-preserve, while at the same time endowing us … all of us … with a relative degree of freedom to adapt.

It is a mystery to us how, driven by the primordial and inciting instinct to copulate, we release specialized cells unconsciously created and imprinted within our own bodies with the instructions to bring into existence whole new beings, thus enabling the continuity of our species.

It is a mystery to us how, driven by primal and mostly unconscious instincts we fall hopelessly in love with someone or something, and changing ourselves or trying to change the recipient of our love we become catalysts for transformation.

But enabled by us, the authoritarian forces of Science, Consumerism and Organized Religion obstruct our capacity to Discern the unconscious in us: Science by constricting Knowledge, Consumerism by twisting it, and Organized Religion by owning it.

And yet we have the power to break their hold on us and begin to realize that what we call the ‘unconscious’ … the call of Nature that drives the sperm to meet the ovum; the call of the Universe that drives us to self-organize and reproduce and imagine … is a physical Universal Force within us that allows us to build an increasingly conscious organism so we can meet our Destiny as the progenitors of self-awareness.

We have the capacity to unravel the mystery of our own mystery.

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