78 – “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”

This set of old questions, immortalized by Paul Gauguin in one of his most beautiful and enigmatic paintings [1], has always held my fascination. They are, to me, the most profound inquiry ever posed to the human mind. It is thus a humbling exercise even to attempt to answer them, but they demand answers. So years ago I began to try. The answers below are, to say the least, very incomplete, but I have learned much in the attempt. I will continue to work on them and do periodic updates on my progress.

Where do we come from?

We emerge into life out of a primordial, creative and unfolding Source some of us call Evolution, but Evolution is just the process of its unfolding. Some of us call it God, but we call God what we don’t understand. Some of us call it Nature, but Nature is just one of its manifestations. Some of us call it the Big Bang, but the Big Bang is just the birth of a Universe.

And even if this ancient Source is unfolding within us and all around us – in the primal flow of our blood, in the increasing complexity of our brains, in the creativity of the changing earth – we are not yet developed enough to comprehend it.

What are we?

I do not know. But I do know that we are born with the main purpose of regenerating and perpetuating the unfolding of the ancient Source; that we emerge out of this ancient Source endowed with a relative degree of freedom to adapt, to act according to our needs and desires, to transform and be transformed; that we are cohesive organizations of myriad components working in symbiosis with our environment to originate the mystery of the Mind; that from the dimension of the stars we are infinitesimally small and from the dimension of the atoms we are immensely immense; and yet, like the stars and the atoms, we are sources of Transformation.

Where are we going?

Mostly driven by primal instincts and limited by the constraints of our internal and external environments, we forge ahead pregnant with Possibility to meet the unknown. We forge ahead until we no longer can, dissolving back into cells and molecules and atoms. But Death is just a door that in equal measure to the significance of our lives (what we have done, what we have created, what we have imagined, how we have transformed ourselves, how we have transformed our world), opens into the ancient Source allowing us to emerge into new and more complex forms of existence.

Although there are many salient examples of individuals in Human History (Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Rumi, Da Vinci, Einstein, Beethoven; to name a few), from whom the legacy of their accomplishments re-emerged in new and more complex physical and dynamic forms of existence that continue to affect human development in religions, philosophy, science, the arts, this kind of re-emergence is difficult to conceptualize under our current Paradigm.

As centuries ago, misled by the limitations of our organic senses, the human mind was under the misconception that the earth was the center of the Universe, today, misled still by the limitations of our organic senses, we are under the misconception that our minds are separate from our bodies, and our bodies from their Source. And thus, like our ancestors centuries ago, we question undeniable Facts: We question the Fact that we physically emerge out of the same primal Source into which we ultimately return. We question the Fact that as the significance of the teachings of a prophet, the inquisitiveness of a philosopher, the visions of a poet, the insights of a scientist, the passion of an artist, re-emerged into more complex forms of existence that continue to affect human development, so we too, in equal measure to the significance of our actions, our creations, our ideas, can re-emerge into the unfolding of the Source.

The realization of these Facts will change the course of Humanity.





Revised May 2019

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