79 – Essential Pre-requisites for Life

  • We cannot be alive without the pliable membrane, the sensory boundary that enfolds us into self-organized, self-motivated, self-emergent systems.
  • We cannot be alive without the ongoing primal cycle that mandates us to consume energy, transform it into the mass of our bodies, then release it back as motion and action and determination.
  • We cannot be alive without the innate capacity of our bodies to conserve a steady temperature level notwithstanding the fluctuations of our internal and external environments.
  • We cannot be alive without the power … the Mind … generated by all of our components working together, wittingly or unwittingly, to support our growth, our development, our interactions, our determination.
  • We cannot be alive without the relative degree of self-reflection that impels us to constantly balance … while we change and unfold … how much energy to consume and how much to expend.
  • We cannot be alive without the constant re-generation and re-organization of our own components, while we continue to preserve the same fundamental self.
  • We cannot be alive without our primal ability to construct and direct an environmentally-fit-structure, self-regulating enough to comply with natural rules yet free enough to explore new possibilities.
  • We cannot be alive without the support and the limitations of an environment that physically directs our evolution yet allows us to become forces of transformation.

We cannot exist as a living system without these essential pre-requisites, but neither can


the earth,

the atomic elements,

solar systems,


our own Universe

… you can prove this yourself by going through the list above  and applying to each one of them the complete list of pre-requisites … thus re-asserting the Fact that we all are alive because we exist in a living Universe.

But limited not only by organic senses that do not physically allow us to perceive the self-directed emergence of the Universe in which we ourselves self-emerge, but also limited by the ignorant and vicious ideologies of greed, control and ravaging consumerism of dominant cultures which constrict our education systems and subjugate the power of the human mind, we have been almost totally inhibited from exploring the Fundamental Fact that, like you and I, our Universe is a living system.

As there are undeniable connections between each one of our cells and us … they all know the color of our eyes, the type of our blood, the pigment of our skin … there are undeniable connections between us and the emerging, powerful, fragile, destructive, cruel, unruly, cohesive, creative, tender, ingenious, living creature we call our Universe. Isn’t it thus a tragedy that, instead of creating a world in which we would open doors to the exploration of these connections, we are closing the doors to our chances for survival?

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