79 – Essential Pre-requisites for Life

We cannot be alive without the boundary, the sensory membrane that interacts with our internal and external environments and binds the components of our emergent system.

We cannot be alive without the capacity to sustain our consumption, synthesis, and release of energy sources in a progression of states of relative equilibrium.

We cannot be alive without the ability to conserve amid changing environments a relatively stable temperature.

We cannot be alive without the collective power of all of our components to support our growth, our development, our interactions, our determination.

We cannot be alive without the capacity to generate and renew our components while preserving a fundamental configuration.

We cannot be alive without the ability to construct an environmentally-fit yet adaptable structural configuration.

We cannot be alive without an environment that supports our unfolding while allowing us to have a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world.

These are all universal prerequisites for the emergence and self-perpetuation of living systems, and all apply to our emergent Universe, thus asserting the fact that our Universe as a living system. But dogmatic ideologies inhibit the exploration of this Fundamental Fact.

As there are undeniable connections between us and our cells – cells not only self-generate, self-organize, bond, self-regulate, adapt, self-perpetuate, self-transform, but also know the color of our eyes, the type of our blood, the density of our bones – so there are undeniable connections between us and the self-generating, self-organizing, bonding, self-regulating, adaptable, self-perpetuating, self-transforming living system we call our Universe.

Isn’t it thus a tragedy that instead of creating a world in which we open doors to the exploration of our connection with the Universe, we are instead closing doors to the chances for our own survival?

Revised June 2019

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