83 – It Baffles the Mind …

It baffles the mind to realize how amazing human beings can be; smart as to be able to measure exactly where to land on the moon; curious as to discover the double helix of the genetic code; visionary as to unravel the constancy of universal laws; introspective as to comprehend that we are, as far as we know, the only creatures in Nature able to be aware of our own awareness.

And yet we stubbornly insist on reinforcing a Paradigm that is wiping out our chances for survival; a Paradigm based on the divisive and destructive concepts that Human life is detached from Nature, and that Progress is unlimited growth in a limited environment. We are not detached from Nature, we are in Nature and Nature is in us. Progress might be measured on Growth, but it is not Progress if not also based on Reason.

We live in a world gone awry; a world not very different from that of ancient and long gone civilizations (except perhaps for technological advances and unsustainable population growth). A world where the exploration of the incredible beauty, complexity and mystery of our self-reflective organisms is overridden by the consuming and god-like worship of avarice and power. A world where telling the truth is a dangerous thing. A world where our young are taught to loathe and kill other human beings.

We seem to be stuck on an evolutionary limbo, unable to move into a more humane and reasonable Humanity; unable to let go in Western Thought of the domination of concepts that, although wrong, are reinforced to perpetuate established Dogma:

1 – The limitations of our organic senses give us the misleading impression of having a body independent from our surroundings; it is thus we are unable … yet … to conceptualize the Fact that at the atomic, molecular and cellular levels from which we are made, there is no actual separation from the environment. The organized development of our bodies cannot be sustained without the constant interchange with our environment of physical elements and sensory information. Thus the concept that we are independent from Nature is wrong, yet it is reinforced to perpetuate man-created boundaries.

2 – Our organic senses do not allow us to perceive the self-determined and self-organizing movement of atomic, molecular and cellular elements toward Complexity and Order, and thus we have come to believe that there is no Purpose in Nature other than our own (think of atoms self-organizing into intricate and self-replicating molecules, and molecules into intricate and self-replicating cells). We are taught that Nature is mechanical and purposeless, disregarding the Fact that it is out of the self-organizing determination of the elements from which we are created that we come alive. The concept that Nature is mechanical and without purpose is wrong, yet it is reinforced to perpetuate the dogma of Reductionism … the belief that Nature, even Life, can be understood only by reducing it to its most minuscule particle-like elements.

3 – Progress in Human history has come to be measured by the Quantity of Growth with the exclusion of the Quality of Growth. The success of an individual or a group is symbolized by material wealth, or by the amount of supporters, or by the magnitude of power and control.  The emphasis on Quantity … with the exclusion of Quality … as a representation of Progress, is the result, and the cause, of our denial of the harmful impact of overpopulation on our survival. The concept that Progress is to be measured exclusively by the quantity of growth is wrong, and yet it is reinforced to promote political and religious dogmas: ideologies need followers and power needs subjects.

Our incapacity to see ground-breaking alternatives to these misleading concepts is crippling us from moving forward; it is blinding us from seeing a world different than that of Destruction and Division. So when, and if we are able to see the devastating impact of our worldview on our own survival, the almost unbearable question we must face is: How to move away and beyond our destructive and divisive Paradigm?

As monumental as this undertaking may appear to be, the first sure step would be to begin to teach children to think of themselves as natural systems … organized congregations of dynamic elements bonding into a mind-full body. Teach them that Homo sapiens are Special only because, as far as we know, we are the ones with the highest degree of self-reflection. Teach them that our bodies intuitively follow a universal blueprint encoded with the clear directions to attain a degree of permanence to self-generate and perpetuate Life, but also teach them that we have some control steering those directions. Teach them that as their organic senses won’t tell them the whole truth, neither will those who believe that their senses are the whole truth.

It does baffle the mind to realize how amazing we already are, and even much more when we know the potential of what we can be.

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