84 – The New Paradigm (Part II): The Undeniable Link …

There is no doubt in my mind that in our evolutionary development Human beings will eventually come to perceive our intimate connection … the undeniable link … with our Universe – that connection akin to the one we share with every cell in our bodies. As unlikely as this level of perception may seem under our current understanding of Reality, it is inevitable. The only thing that can stop us from getting there will be the demise of our species.

There is, as far as we know, no other species in Nature with a higher level of Self-reflection than ours. But our capacity to Self-reflect is still mostly overpowered by our instincts. The hope is that as successful as some of our other survival advantages have been … bipedalism, hand dexterity, symbolism … our capacity to Self-reflect will ultimately become the dominant faculty in us.

Pressed either by the devastating effects of the main tenets of our current Paradigm[1] or by the realization of its utter irrationality, a higher level of Self-reflection will lead us to move forward in search of a new worldview; a worldview based on the rational premises that The Process we call Life, although we cannot yet comprehend the Primordial Source from which it originates, is a Self-creating Force  lunched into motion eons before the emergence of what we call the “Big Bang” and controlled by rigorous yet open laws that animate and govern everything without regards to neither size nor level of complexity:

* The Force of Life must destroy in order to create … it must consume in order to generate … yet it must find equilibrium between consumption and creation in order to stay alive.

* The Force of Life must be open to experimentation and innovation in order to adapt to varied and changing environments, while it continues to preserve its integrity.

* The Force of Life must be both attracting and repelling in order to bind elements together, while allowing a degree of manipulation to undo or defy the connections.

* The Force of Life must be supple in order to unfold yet unbending in the certainty of its uncertainty.

* The Force of Life must transcend boundaries … not only physical, but also the boundaries of space and time … linking natural systems large and small, simple and complex … each Base and Enclosure … into interconnected manifold wholes.

* The Force of Life flows through beginnings and ends, rising above its own creations in order to transform.

This is the Force that drives two cells to create a Human being, and a seed to build a giant sequoia tree, and a planet like ours to explode in myriad manifestations of Life. This is the Force that moves us forward, that incites us to bond and self-organize and self-create. But there is one amazing difference with us: In relative degrees of awareness we are beginning to be aware of the profound link between the Force of Life in us, and the Force of Life in which we are immersed and from which we emerge.

Is it not amazing then that Science, already having a whole bunch of beautiful Theories that prove this undeniable link … Relativity, Bell’s Theorem, Autopoiesis, Dissipative Structures, Evolution … seems so unable to see the connection?

[1] The irrational concepts that Progress is unlimited Growth in a limited environment and Human beings are separate from and ‘entitled’ to consume Nature.

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