85 – The Scourge of Dogma …

Thousands of books have been written about Humanity’s plight … war, genocide, hate, destruction, ravaging greed … yet no book I know of dares to clearly define the culprit.

The driving force behind some of Humanity’s most horrible crimes is DOGMA:

* The divisive dogma of the dominant organized religions … my religion is the true religion … which leads to hate, intolerance, zealotry.

* The limiting dogma of the dominant scientific methodology … only what is measurable is real … which leads to the shying away from exploring the reality of the most beautiful, mysterious, nurturing,  tender sides of human nature, and the immeasurability of our constant transformation from Organism to Mind, and vice versa.

* The destructive dogma of the dominant economic-political doctrine … Power and Possessions are the measure of Progress and Success … which leads to the exploitation and devastation not only of the environment that gives us Life, but also of the frail and disadvantaged.

The world I have tried to present on these short essays is the world inhibited by Dogma: It is the immeasurable world in which we not only exist, but that actually gives us Life; it is the minute world from which we are organized into what we are and that … instinctively or predeterminedly … gives us the power to think and have a sense of being. Dogma inhibits us to recognize and explore these worlds as intimate part of us.

Our minds are naturally curious and open to exploration, but we are stopped cold by the incontestable beliefs Dogma claims as its own; this is akin to what some people do in the making of Bonsai; although the result may still be beautiful, it does stop the natural growth of a living thing to keep it small.

Why is it that Authority, instead of pursuing the growth of the Human mind, tends to enslave it?

Even Einstein, considered to be one of the greatest scientific minds, became dogmatic in asserting that the Universe was static and that nothing can be faster than the speed of Light. It is baffling to see how spellbound Science still is with his latter assumption, when it is full well remembered that he had to admit to having made a great blunder with his first one, and especially when Science already has scientific proof … Bell’s Theorem … of communication faster than the speed of Light.

Every time a new idea comes to mind or a new discovery is made, it generally opens more questions that it answers. The claim that our Universe was born in a Big Bang, for instance, clamors for answers about What caused the explosion, Why it happened, What it is expanding into since we know it is expanding. By claiming that and idea or a discovery is the ultimate and unquestionable answer, we become dogmatic and close the doors to the exploration of all the questions that are opened.

In trying to understand our world we do make mistakes … this is how we grow … but Dogma, not only because it is a purely Human invention born out of avarice and domination for self-serving purposes, but also because it is completely dependent on the perpetuation of the misleading notion that Human beings are by nature Submissive, is an extremely destructive force. Nothing is more untrue that the dogmatic notion that we are by nature Submissive. On the contrary, there is nothing more assertive and defiant in us than the urge to do something significant and transcendental with our lives … to leave our mark in the world … if only we are given the chance. But this assertive urge is kept in check and underdeveloped through the control of Dogma.

Millions of brilliant voices have been silenced. How many more does Dogma have to gag before it is challenged?

This is the scourge of Dogma.

I imagine a world, as the Greeks once experienced for a short while before Greed took over again, where the avoidance of Dogma, along with Know Thyself and Moderation, are the ruling morals of Society.

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