87 – We Mirror our Universe (Part II)

Our organic senses … Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch … are the tools developed throughout our evolution to help us adapt and survive, but they are not capable to sense beyond our immediate environment, and thus the Universal Characteristics mirrored in our bodies are veiled.

But with the power of our imagination … our sixth sense? … we do have the capacity to sense beyond our limitations and ‘see’ that … mirroring our Universe … we endow everything created within our bodies (cells, nervous system, etc.) with a degree of freedom not only to regenerate and reshape us, but also to allow us to effect change;

We can ‘see’ that … like everything in Nature … we are a dynamic and self-propelled system that is never at rest even when we appear at rest;

We can ‘see’ that … mirroring our Universe … we uphold a more or less stable process of unfolding  throughout the ups and downs of our existence and the constant demands of our environment;

We can ‘see’ that … mirroring our Universe … we continuously convert energy into the mass of our bodies, hold it deftly and fleetingly into our unfolding form, and then, transformed, release it back as motion and determination;

We can ‘see’ that … mirroring our Universe … we are driven by Primordial Forces that incite us to bond, to consume, to create and recreate, to move on;

We can ‘see’ that … mirroring our Universe … we could not unfold unless every single one of our component elements has … encoded in its core … the knowledge to follow a pre-determined yet open pathway which paves the way for what is to be created, and how it is to be perpetuated.

Implausible as these universal similarities may seem under a perception of Reality based solely on the limited capacity of our organic senses, the tangible connection with our Universe they imply is unavoidable.

‘Seeing’ our connection with the Universe … if we are to survive into the Future … will change us completely: It will make us ‘see’ how deeply immersed we are in Nature; it will make us ‘see’ that, never forgetting that Nature will always have the last word, we do possess a degree of freedom to effect change.

Nobody will lead us freely to unleash the power of our imagination, neither Science nor Organized Religion nor any current educational system with their servitude to self-serving interests (power, profit, control); this is something we most discover ourselves with the simple knowledge that, with our incontestable possession of a degree of freedom to ‘see’ beyond our limitations, we have the amazing capacity to ‘see’ how in the most fundamental characteristics of our Existence we do mirror our Universe.

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