88 – The Absurdity of the Corporate Mind …

Disregarding the obvious Fact that our increasing levels of consumption and exploitation are throwing out of equilibrium the stable environment that has allowed Humanity to thrive, most of us continue to believe in the dangerous fallacy that Nature will sustain our unsustainable growth because we are separate and special.

We are not.

Under this false belief we have created an absurd world; a world where we permit multinational corporations to unashamedly bare the lowest levels of rationality, the highest degree of greed, and the tyrannical power to pillage natural resources without a trace of accountability; we have created a world where the poor and disadvantaged are exploited and pushed into the most cruel and horrible levels of inhumanity; a world where the earth from which we emerge into existence is perceived as an unlimited resource for man to exploit; a world where the divisive nature of organized religions and the categorization of human beings into  disconnected and unrelated factions incite conflict and the scourge of scapegoating to avoid responsibility for our actions.

All this absurdity obscures from us the beautiful Symmetry that binds all natural systems … be it an atom, a cell, a human being, our species, our environments, our earth, our solar system … into a creative, self-generating and self-organizing whole. But this Symmetry is bound by a non-negotiable pre-condition, an unbendable law which demands that, for a system like our species to continue to unfold into a viable future, we must find equilibrium between the energy we consume and the energy we dissipate; if we cannot find this equilibrium we will either be re-organized or die out.

Could the minds behind the corporate mentality really believe that they can bend this unbending natural law and continue to ravage until there is no more to ravage? Their rapacious greed and the extent of their environmental ignorance are making our earth ill. She will recover and re-organize as she has done many, many times in the past, but we … the ones now making her ill … will we?

The answer is No if we allow the absurd tyranny of corporations to continue unabated. The answer is Yes if we use the medium of the Internet as a strong, united voice to demand Rationality and Respect.

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