92 – Without a Vision we don’t know where we are going …

We are participants in an extraordinarily beautiful and creative Universal Order. And although Science has known about it for a very, very long time, it is veiled from us.

  • Einstein saw its equilibrium.
  • Bell, its cohesion.
  • Darwin, its adaptability.
  • Bohr, its dual yet complementary properties.
  • Prigogine, its self-energizing motion towards complexity.
  • Maturana and Valera, its self-generation and self-perpetuation.
  • Mandelbrot, its self-organization upon a compliant model.
  • Heisenberg and Pascal, its utter uncertainty amidst infinite probabilities.
  • Quantum Field Theory, its relative degree of freedom to transform and be transformed.*

But because Knowledge about this Order ruling our bodies and allowing us a degree of freedom to transform and give direction to our lives is veiled from us, we continue to be mired in, and controlled by, constant and pointless conflict.

And thus, as highly evolved as we are or claim to be, we don’t have a Vision for our Future other than the unsustainable concept of unlimited growth in a limited environment – consume, consume, consume is our Credo. Imagine instead if we were to envision a greater understanding of the beautiful and creative Order in which we are immersed and from which we emerge.

Without a Vision we are lost; unable to let go of aggressive behaviors needed eons ago during our primitive development; unable to let go of absurd and divisive beliefs; unable to envision the beautiful and creative Order unfolding within us, and all around us, and beyond the reach of our limited organic senses but not of our imagination.

Without a Vision we don’t know where we are going.

* To name a few characteristics of the Universal Order Science has already discovered.

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