93 – The Crux and the Beauty of Being Human …

The Crux of being Human is that we know we fundamentally are, like most animals, supporting our development through mostly unconscious instincts, like the metabolic processes that regulate our growth.

Metabolism, as we understand it, is the life-sustaining chemical processes in living organisms by which food is used for energy production. In other words, Metabolism (from the Greek metabole, which means Change) is the instinctive exchange between absorption and production of energy sources through which we fuel our existence and interact with environments. Although the exchange is mostly instinctive, what is absorbed is relatively maintained in balance with what is produced, and vice versa. This balancing process – one always a measure of the other – is not possible without a degree of self-reflection.

The Beauty of being Human is that, due to the benefits of the relatively stable environment of the planet for extended periods of time plus the inherent survival ingenuity of living organisms, we have been able to turn our capacity for instinctive self-reflection into a capacity for conscious self-awareness: to willfully and thoughtfully monitor and adjust the exchange of energy sources for self-determined purposes, i.e. building muscle, losing weight, deciding to direct life’s energy to attain specific results.

So the Beauty of being Human is that from being driven mostly by unconscious instincts, we have evolved the capacity of being consciously self-reflective beings. And the Crux of being Human is that as consciously self-reflective beings, we seem unable to accept the Fact that the continuation of our evolution is, as it is for most animals, dependent on the beneficial environment that supports our development.

Revised November 2019   

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