93 – The Crux and the Beauty of Being Human …

The Crux of being Human is that we are evolving, as no other creature we know of, with an expanding awareness that we are, like most animals, driven mostly by unconscious instincts that support our adaptation.

One of these unconscious instincts is the metabolic process that drives us to grow, to bond, to reproduce, to respond to environments while we maintain a relatively stable physical structure.

We are trained to think about Metabolism as the chemical process in living things by which food is used for tissue growth or energy production.* But Metabolism (from the Greek metabole, which means ‘Change’), whether applying to living organisms or not, is the continuous exchange between absorption and production of energy sources through which natural systems adapt in symbiosis with environments.

Although this process is mostly instinctive, the continuous exchange between absorption (food, oxygen) and production (motion, action) needed to grow and adapt while sustaining a relatively stable structure, is not possible without a degree of self-reflection.

The Beauty of being Human is that, due to a relatively beneficial environment and our innate instincts to adapt, we have been expanding our capacity to Self-reflect to such a degree that we are not only highly aware of our own awareness, but also aware of how much our capacity to Self-reflect can be expanded.

So the Beauty of being Human is that amidst mostly unconscious instincts we have evolved a high capacity to Self-reflect, and the Crux is that we seem unable to reflect on the Fact that our continued development is not possible without the beneficial environment that supports us.

* Oxford English Dictionary. Highlight mine.

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