94 – The Ultimate Transformation …

Why to write, once again, about Death? Because unlike what we are taught, Death can be Beautiful … the ultimate Transformation … and because we don’t know much about it.

Even with the promises of organized religions … outlandish as they are and hard to swallow … we still think of Death as an inevitable ending. And add to that a dominant economic philosophy that pressures us to enjoy life to the fullest by filling it with possessions and occupying every thinking moment with banality and pleasure, and so we have come to suspend understanding.

It is thus we don’t know how to deal with the only sure thing we have in Life: That Life as we feel it, as we live it, as we know it … the physical and emotional experience of it … must end.

But the incontestable Facts that we are transforming presences in the chain of Being, interconnected and evolved through instants and eons of bonding and reproduction, and emerging out of an ancient and creative Process with the clear purpose to transform ourselves and our world until merging back again … albeit changed … with the same Process from which we emerged, are never taught to us.

Nothing teaches us that we come into being out of the stuff of the earth … for a fleeting instant in the scheme of galaxies and an eternity in the scheme of the atomic particles … with the purpose to perpetuate That which gives us life.

Nothing teaches us that with every step we take we advance, inexorably, towards the unavoidable meeting with the indescribable: The ever unfolding Process that creates Life to create itself.

Nothing teaches us that the significance of what we do with Life will be the measure of our re-emergence into higher realms of existence.

Think of Darwin, Einstein, Da Vinci, Beethoven. How the significance of their lives … their insights, their creations … is still with us, challenging our understanding, filling us with wonder and emotion, altering the make up of our brains.

The Primordial Process from which we flittingly emerge into Life is unbending about our ultimate dissolution yet bends to incorporate us back into its unfolding, but only in equal measure to the significance of our existence.

Imagine how different we would be if we learn early in our upbringing that the energy we create with the whirlwind of our lives can be flung … in equal measure to its significance … to re-emerge as a transforming presence into higher realms of the unfolding Process!

Death is but a Gate into the ultimate Transformation.

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