96 – We are All Fundamentally the Same …

The most amazing thing about Nature is that it endows the entire scope of its elements … from galaxies, clusters of galaxies, solar systems, all the way to animals, cells, atomic particles … with a set of Fundamental Properties (instincts!) which steers them to endure, bond and propagate with the intent of perpetuating the unfolding of the natural process we call our Universe.

As we look at the entire scope of natural elements of which we are one, it is obvious that most come into existence with

* The inbuilt devices to allow us to consume other natural elements as energy sources, transform them into the mass of our bodies, and exert them as other forms of energy [‘waste, action, motion development, propagation].

* The inbuilt knowledge to balance the input and output of energy sources as we grow and develop, and then disintegrate when balance is no longer possible.

* The inbuilt capacity to sense changes in our internal and external environments and fittingly adapt.

* The inbuilt knowledge to generate our own elements and bind them temporarily together into an organized and dynamic body.

* The inbuilt power to be catalysts for transformation.

These are some Fundamental Properties that are essential to the viability of all natural elements without regards to size or level of complexity. They reveal our intimate interconnectedness with Nature; an interconnectedness akin to how each cell in our bodies is connected with the whole of us and the whole of us with each cell; an interconnectedness which is the more significant for us because we are the only natural element we know of consciously aware of the consequences of our denying it.

And yet it is anathema to be told that we are fundamentally like solar systems or animals or cells or atomic particles, when it is evident that we share the same Fundamental Properties.

Don’t we all consume energy sources and use them to keep on moving?

Don’t we all manage, as long as we can, to keep a relative balance between what we consume and what we exert?

Don’t we all have the capacity, as diverse as we might be, to self-organize and re-generate and propagate?

Don’t we all have the capacity to adjust, sometimes dramatically, to the demands and fluctuations of our environments?

Don’t we all possess the innate power to transform ourselves and our world?

We are all fundamentally the same.

Therefore, is it not our inability to understand this obvious Fact … that we are, fundamentally, like everything else in Nature … the culprit for the devastation we are impaling on the natural world from which we come into Life and without which we cannot exist? Is it not our inability to accept this Fact fueled by the fear of being dethroned, again, from the myth that we are the pinnacle of Creation?

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