96 – We are All Fundamentally the Same …

The most amazing thing about Nature is that it endows the entire scope of its components – all the way from atomic particles, to galaxies, to the universe itself – with a set of innate fundamental properties which ensures participation with the intent of propagating and perpetuating the progression towards greater complexity of the natural process we call Evolution.

As we look at the fundamental nature of the entire scope of universal components, of which we are one, it is obvious that everything emerges into existence endowed with the instinctive properties

* to generate, organize, regulate and bond our own components into dynamic, cohesive and self-reproducing systems.

* to consume other components as sources of energy, condense them into mass (weight, volume), and then exert the stored energy as action, motion development, propagation.

* to balance consumption and exertion of energy in order to attain stability.

* to sense changes in internal and external environments and adapt fittingly in order to survive.

* to be catalysts for transformation.

These are some of the common fundamental properties that are essential to the viability of all natural components without regards to kind, size, or level of complexity. These common (universal) properties reveal a level of interrelatedness akin to how each cell in our bodies, embodying the common properties, ensures not only its own progression and perpetuation but the progression and perpetuation of the system in which it exists; this level of interrelatedness is akin to how each one of us, embodying the same set of common properties, ensures not only our own progression and perpetuation but the progression and perpetuation of the species, the system, in which we exist.

Like cells, or any other natural component, we share the same fundamental properties.

Don’t we all consume energy sources to keep on existing?

Don’t we all try to balance what we consume and what we exert in order to bring stability?

Don’t we all have the capacity, as diverse as we might be, to re-generate and propagate?

Don’t we all have the capacity to adapt, sometimes under dramatic circumstances, to the demands and fluctuations of our internal and external environments?

Don’t we all possess the innate power to transform ourselves and our world?


Revised December 2019   

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