97 – Why?

What would it take for Humankind … for us, each and all of us … to see that the major forces forging our Destiny are obstructing our intellectual advancement and endangering our chances for survival?

The religious, political and economic paradigms that dictate, and try to dominate the way we think and understand ourselves and our world, are powerful yet human forces rooted on destructive principles: Organized religion is based on Division and thus incites hate and intolerance; political principles are based on Conflict and thus incite war and mistrust; economic principles are based on Limitless Material Growth and thus incite greed and the ravaging of our environment. These forces vie for Power and Control; and since their subsistence depends on followers (greater numbers equal greater influence), they conceal the severe consequences of overpopulation on the fragile equilibrium of the atmosphere in which our lives completely depend.

Although there is no doubt that we have been able to change ourselves and our world in amazing ways through scientific and technological advances, it is also clear that … induced by intolerance, the instigation of constant conflict and the plundering pursuit of material wealth … we are changing the chemistry of the atmosphere.

There was already a period on earth’s evolution where the over-production of oxygen as waste by an emerging bacteria … Cyanobacteria … precipitated an epochal change on the chemistry of the atmosphere, causing the extinction of all life for which oxygen was poisonous.

By augmenting the content of carbon dioxide [CO2] in the atmosphere, we are precipitating such an epochal change in the chemistry of the environment in which Life as we know it depends.

The early catastrophic extinction was involuntarily incited by primitive, unconscious bacteria; but this time, with the clear awareness of those blocking our understanding, we are willingly doing it.

If we all have … each and all of us … the relative power to change ourselves and our environment in beautiful, pioneering and creative ways, why do we allow destructive forces to determine our destinies?

Why? WHY!

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