98 – Fracturing The Indivisible …

Between the Divisiveness of organized religion (my religion is the ‘true’ religion, not yours!) and the Reductionism of current scientific focus (we can understand Life, our Universe, everything, by separating primary elements!), we have managed … with our very young, fallible and easily influenced minds … to fracture The Indivisible, separating ourselves from Nature … as if we were not made out of it … and perpetuating the myth that we are a ‘special creation’.

We are ‘special’ but only in the sense that, in addition to the fact that we  have been engendered … as everything in Nature … with a primordial set of survival instincts (the instincts to nurture our own development, to adapt to environments in ingenious and creative ways, to generate our own elements, to perpetuate our kin), we have also been provided with the advantage to unfold in relatively stable yet demanding environments; environments that have supported our development by fueling our evolution, challenging us to innovate and begin to learn and, ultimately, driving us to develop into the most highly self-reflective organism we are aware of.

But the Truth remains that we are specks of life in the unfolding of Nature; frail, needy and yet fiery organisms completely dependent on the primal self-organization of our bodies and on the support of a propitious environment.

Our fracturing of Nature into opposing and seemingly unrelated realms … Micro-cosmos versus Macro-cosmos, Energy versus Mass, Mind versus Matter, Nature versus Us … and accepting, as rational, the absurd idea that we can be independent from Nature and exist as in isolated cocoons, have fueled our incapacity to see the Evident: That we are made out of Nature and cannot exist without Nature.

Our fracturing of Nature is akin to removing fish out of water, and believing that they can exist without it.

Hard as we may try, Nature is indivisible and will not reveal its essence unless we see ourselves as one of its creations.

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