99 – The Significance of Being Alive

It is astonishing, isn’t it? that the tiny little creatures we give Life inside of us – those we call ovum and sperm – contain the entire information to recreate a whole new being; a brand new creature, utterly unique yet infused with the universal capacity to procreate, to transform, and be transformed. But this could not happen without a supportive environment.

This is how we re-generate our progeny. This is how the species is reinvented. This is how we have evolved from the early hominids into beautiful and ingenious creatures: Fully erect, incredibly dexterous, able to communicate through complex mediums, able to look back into the past and plan the future, able to look at the stars and wonder, able to sense Destiny in our wishes, in the things we accomplish, in our capabilities, in how magnificent we can be. But this is also how we have come to populate every habitable niche on the surface of the Earth, overwhelming the environment that has allowed us to be what we are today.

There is no creature we know of as beautiful and self-reflective as we are. But under a paradigm based on Deceit and Greed, we seem unable to comprehend the fact that we cannot exist without the natural world, and so we are altering it in such a drastic way that it may not support us any longer.

The significance of being alive is, for most of us, the awareness of being alive – the toil, the happiness, the anguish, the pain, the pleasure, the falls, the triumphs, the wonder of it all – and the intelligence to know that we cannot be alive, nor our progeny, without the natural world we are now altering for the benefit of a few.

Our challenge then is to make those few, blinded by greed and the corruption of power, understand what is evident to us.

Revised December 2019   

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