I am, as every human being, a congregation of intimately interconnected elements temporarily fused together into a cohesive form of existence. I am a self-bounded, self-generating open system with the innate capacity to regulate my own elements while perpetuating the organization of my relatively pre-determined design. I am a synthesis of a threefold set of Universal Properties that can be manifested as a unique individual, and as a participant in the evolutionary movement of my species, and as a relatively insignificant form of existence tenaciously trying to get acquainted with the universal yearning to bond and leave a mark in the world. Constrained by forces beyond my control which dictate and seduce my unfolding, I have the capacity to manipulate and be manipulated by the movement of Evolution. And obeying a design set in motion at the moment of my creation, I possess a relative degree of freedom to adapt. I am born with the potential to become a catalyst for transformation and transcend into the future. I am, as every human being, a little universe with the potential to transform the world that has given me the right to exist.

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