I am, as every human being on earth, a congregation of intimately interconnected components bonded together into a cohesive yet supple form of existence. I am a self-contained, self-organizing and self-generating organic system with the innate capacity to regulate my own components while perpetuating the integrity of the entire system. I am a synthesis of two complementary and inseparable properties; one that manifests in my uniqueness and individuality (particle-like), the other, in my immersion in the currents that incite and give direction to the course of our evolution (wave-like).

Although constrained by forces controlling and determining my development, I possess a degree of freedom to shape the primal urges of my instincts and the boundless reaches of my mind.

Insignificant in the scheme of the Universe and significant in the scheme of the atomic particles, I am endowed with the capacities to comprehend the world beyond the limits of my organic senses and discern patterns in Nature that allow me to perceive the beauty and order within me and all around me.

I am a catalyst for transformation with the potential to transcend into the future. I am a universe. I will leave a mark in the world.

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