Like every human being on Earth, I am a congregation of intimately interconnected components bonded together into a cohesive yet supple manifestation of existence. I am a self-contained, self-organizing, self-generating organic system with the innate capacity to create and regulate my own components while perpetuating the fundamental configuration of my body. I am a synthesis of three complementary and inseparable properties manifested as particle-like in the uniqueness of my composition and wave-like in the common traits of Homo sapiens and universal-like as reiterator and reiteration of a matrix that underlies the fundamental makeup of every component in our Universe; not one property or the other but all at the same time. I am a learning system with a relative degree of freedom to manipulate and be manipulated by the movement of Evolution. I am a catalyst for transformation with the potential to transcend into the future. I am a universe. I will leave a mark on the world.

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